Friday, September 4, 2009

NEVER Visit The ER During Flu Season.

So, the day after our car accident, I was feeling really run down. I figured it was just from being almost 6 months pregnant, and from the stress of the accident and hospital visit.

About 4 pm I left to pick up Stephen from work. When I was getting off the freeway for his work, it hit me. Shakes, dizzy, sweating, chills.... I was sick! Stephen drove us home, and I went straight to bed. Monday night I was very sick. Up all night hurting, throwing up, freezing then sweating. My fever was up to almost 103 thru out the night. I know Tylenol is safe in pregnancy, so I took it to help try to contain the fever. I put in a call to my midwife who said if I get worse at night to go to the ER, but if I can make it thru the night, to call my primary care doctor in the morning.

At 8 am when my primary care doctor opened, I called them. They got me in at 9:45. To the complete shock of the doctor, me, Stephen and the nurse who was seeing me also, the flu test came back negative. So did the strep test. The doctor said it was probably something viral, and sent me home to rest. He did do some blood work before I left, just to see what was up.

I slept pretty much the rest of Tuesday. I was feeling somewhat better Wednesday morning when my doctor called me at 8:15 am to tell me that my blood work came back. He said my white blood count was "thru the roof" and started asking about any other symptoms. He suspected pneumonia or a UTI. I did not have any urinary symptoms, so he said it was most likely pneumonia. The test for this is a chest x-ray, which is not something you can do in pregnancy. He immediately put me on an antibiotic, and said if I was not feeling better by Friday, to see him again.

He called me today to check on me. Such a great doctor! I told him I am feeling pretty good, just still really tired, which could be pregnancy related. He agreed, but said I need to get my white blood count tested again to make sure the infection is gone. I can get this done at my next OB/GYN appointment, which is a week from today. If I start feeling sick again, I am supposed to call him ASAP.

Its been a rough week for us!

We did get some good news today though! Our car is not totaled. There is almost $4,000 worth of damage, including the axle, suspension and such. It should all be repaired by the end of next week. The body shop is also going to repair a hole in the bumper from me backing into something a few months ago at no charge! They are already doing work on the back bumper, so they figured they might as well. Apparently the car that hit us, hit us in the front, and kinda pin balled off of us and bounced at the back end too, because there are scratches and dents all the way down the passenger side of the car. I only got pictures of the front end, and they are from right after the accident. I never got pictures of the back of the car, or side, but the front has most of the damage. The car held up REMARKABLY well for being hit at 60 MPH.



And for good measure, Little Mans new car seat. We did upgrade a little, only about a thirty dollar difference from his old seat to his new one, but it has features we like. It is a Britax Boulevard, and yes he is still rear facing at almost 2. His seat rear faces till 35 pounds, and we are going to keep him that way untill he hits the weight limit. That should be any day now at the rate he is going. If you want information on why extended rear-facing is safer, check out my older post.


We got the check from the insurance for the car seat replacement today, nice to have that money back. The insurance got us in a rental car so we are back to having two cars. Well, we had two cars because my mother-in-law let us borrow one of hers (father-in-law was out of town) but that car had to go back to her. We are very impressed with the other drivers insurance, which is Geico. They are really going out of their way to make sure we are happy. The body shop that is doing the work has us at the top of their work load, and the parts for our car have been overnighted to them. They seem to be very on top of things, which is nice.

We picked up the police report earlier in the week. The other driver was 28 and said she started to hydroplane and that is why she hit us. I totally believe that from the angel she was pointed when I saw her coming at us. She was not ticketed for the accident, but she is still at fault.

I am hoping for some good news on the house this next week too. Stay tuned for that!