Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun This Week

We have been having lots of fun this week hanging out at my moms, or Grams, as her grandchildren call her. Yesterday we went to the playground at her house and played. We were trying to wear Little Man out, but he wore us out! Here are some pictures from the playground.

Walking with Gram to the playground.

Trying to run away

Sitting with Mommy, talking about why we don't run away.

Climbing the stairs, so he can go down the slide.

Gram had the camera, so he had to see what she was doing with it...

Walking back from the playground, Gram and I were more tired than he was! He did finally fall asleep, and when he did, he was out for a long time!

Remember how I said in an old blog my son hates his forehead? Well... he has hit it a few more times this week. We went to a different playground earlier in the week, where he tripped and hit the pavement. Also some of the bark jumped up off the ground and bit him. Then he somehow scratched it in Grams kitchen, still don't know how he did that. Top all of that off with his coffee table scar from last month, and this is what you have..


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

Interesting week...

Hubby is in DC with work, so I made a road trip up to Atlanta to visit family and friends. Little did I know that we would be told to move while I was up here. Let me backtrack.

My husband is in the military. He does administration for the recruiters, and the kids going to basic training and such. He does pay, bonuses, makes sure these kids ship to basic. He has been on orders to do this job for almost a year and a half. Well, his orders were supposed to end in September, but they are always for one year, so no worries.

Last month, his orders were cut to end in March. He talked to his boss and asked about his job, and if he is safe. His boss said it was fully funded, to not worry.

Fast-forward to yesterday. His boss called him, while he is in DC for work, and told him that his job is ending the end of March. His boss is a great man, and knows that we have family in the Atlanta area, so he found him a job up there, but he needed an answer yesterday. Not a decision you want to make in a different state than your spouse, with less than 24 hours to decide.

So after talking it over, and weighing our options (he was a police officer before he took the Army job, so he can go back there) we have decided to move to Atlanta. As soon as we get back in town, we have to call the movers and set it all up. We will be moving in 2-3 weeks. Talk about yanking the rug out from under me!

We have a great house up here to rent, so housing is not a problem.

Praise God that we have a job and a house in this economy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Pics From the Shoot.

I see now I have a lot to learn! Both with photography and with Photoshop. I feel I know more about Photoshop then I do photography. Anyone wanna teach me all about photography?

I played a little with more in Photoshop with these pictures. Let me know what you think!












I still have 16 more pictures to look at and see if I like. Thoes should be up tomorrow.

In other news, I registered for classes today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Photo Shoot

I had my first photo shoot today! I have a friend that goes to my church that needed some pics taken for various reasons, so we went out to a doctors office in town to take some pictures.

A doctors office? I know, seems weird. Just look at the pictures. This is behind the doctors office. Perfect setting with the clouds rolling in.

These are the semi-edited pics. Still not done playing with them. Count these as a preview.








Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture Happy

I realize I have not posted pictures in a while. So here is a picture happy blog!

Another pretty bridge. I have found one good thing about this town. I love all the bridges we have.

A deck leading down to the river

I wanted to climb this tree and sit there all day.

If you follow the trail under that tree, this is your view.

Our church has some exciting news! We bought land and we are moving into a building that is a few miles from the land. We went out to check out the land and the building.

Daddy and Little Man on the property. It is a pecan orchid right now.

Me and Little Man.

The new building.

We went to Atlanta this weekend to visit my in-laws. Here is Little Man in his seat looking at the cars go by.

Gotta love Atlanta traffic.

Daddy and Little Mans shoes look similar.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

God Sure Has A Sense Of Humor...

My mom always told me growing up, that God has a sense of humor. She said this because she, my father, and my sister are all very quiet people. Then God made me.

If you don't know me, I am very loud, very opinionated, and will tell you what I think when I think it. Mom always said that we will never get lost in the woods, cause they would find us if I was in the area because I am so loud.

Well, I am learning that God does indeed have a good sense of humor. I, being loud and opinionated, also have very little patience. I know what I want, and I want it NOW. That being said, this molar pregnancy has thrown my system into overdrive! I want another baby, and I want it NOW. Knowing I have to wait for my health has been very hard.

Now for the really humorous part. Since my surgery in December, I have learned that 6 people are pregnant. Not including my online friends! It seems, to me, that God is like, Hey, lets see how many people I can get pregnant around her, to teach her patience.

Hey, um... God... I get it! When is my turn?

The first few people I was very upset about. I was still in the "why me" stage, and wondering when it was all going to be over. I would act all excited, then go home and have a good cry. These last few ladies, I have just laughed it off.

That sounds horrible... I am VERY excited for all of these ladies, because most of them are close friends. I laugh because I can still see God sitting up there saying... You... you need to be pregnant, because I am teaching her over there patience.

Don't pray for something unless you are willing to take what he gives you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I Say Daily

Ok. Most of us have seen this video by now, if not, watch this first.

Well, I decided to write down everything I say in a day. I did great for about 20 minutes. Then I got distracted! So here is what all I wrote down in those 20 minutes, then randomly throughout the day when I remembered to write it down. Don't worry, I'm not singing!

Good Morning
Wet boy!
Phew….Stinky boy!
Lets get clean

Eat? Milk?
Eat your breakfast

Don’t throw your food on the floor

Messy boy, lets get clean

Go play
In your playroom

Where is your ball?
Go get your ball?

Get off the stairs
You are in timeout because you did not get off the stairs when mommy asked you to

You were in timeout because you did not get off the stairs. We do not play on the stairs. I love you

Let’s go play

Get the sticker off my table

Leave my purse alone

Where is your milk?

Don’t throw toys

Ball, ball, ball… say ball…. BAH-ALL BAH-ALL BAH-ALL… say ball…

Dance… dance dance dance… YEA good job

The Itsy Bitsy Spider…. Went up the water spout…. (singing)

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…. (more singing)

Where is your belly button? Button? Good job…
Eyes? YEA!!
Nose? Nose… yes, nose
Ears? Ears… No… those are Mommy's eyes…

Toilet brush is not a toy. Out of the bathroom… OUT OUT OUT

No no…. no … no

Are you ready for a nap? Night night??

Dry it up. No tempers.

Hey. Dry it up!

Let’s go play. Come on.

Trash man is here! Lets go watch him. Here he goes. LOOK at him! Wave bye-bye!

Let’s go upstairs. Night night.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine……. You make me happy …. When skies are grey….. (more singing)

I love you. Night night

45 minutes is not a nap!

Ew stinky. Lets get clean.

What do you want to eat for lunch?
Eat your lunch.
Milk? Want milk?
Don’t throw your food on the floor.

Messy boy! Lets get clean

Go play.

What are you doing?

Get down! Off the table.

No no. Don’t turn off the ….

Turn the tv back on

NO! Leave the cabinet alone

Cranky boy. Want to go back to bed? How about some Tylenol? You teething?

Shut the cabinet… Good job.

Daddy will be home in 2 hours.

No No… Put the movie back on the shelf.

Where is Daddy? Say Dada… DADA… DADA… good job!!

Leave Mommies shoes alone!

Wanna help mommy fold laundry?
Don’t play with the dryer door.
NO. Open the dryer
Get out of the dryer
Go play and let mommy do laundry

Where is daddy? You think he is coming home?

Dry it up! No tempers!!