Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Fun In The Leaves

We are enjoying fall. The weather has been gorgeous. Fall festivals have started. Hay rides have been had. The most fun we have had though, is playing in the massive piles of leaves in our yard that we rake up.

Little Man helped Daddy rake up the leaves

The boys surveyed the pile

Mommy joined the boys, and brought Little Miss too

Daddy played too

We buried Daddy in the leaves

Then Little Man buried himself

How are you enjoying the fall?


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Review

Saturday Stephen had drill. I despise drill weekends because it means I have all three kids by myself all weekend. It makes for a LONG weekend.

My mom came over on Saturday and helped me with the kiddos. Stephens mom was also at our house off and on thru out the day. It was very nice having both Grandmothers to help with the kiddos.

Sunday was church. I started back working in the nursery for the second service. I was working it when I was pregnant, but it got to be too hard for me to get up and down off the floor and I knew I would take a break when Little Miss was born, so I stopped in July. It was very nice to get back to the nursery and the little kids I have missed so much!

After church I picked up Stephen from drill and we headed out to Norcross for the Labor Of Love reunion picnic. Labor of Love is the doula and child birth educators we used for Little Miracle and Little Miss. They have an annual reunion for all of their current and past clients. It was nice to see some of the ladies that I took my child birth classes with and also to see our doula and child birth educator.

The boys had a blast playing on the play ground while Little Miss and I ate and chatted. When we got home, I went to get Little Man out of the car seat and noticed what I thought was dirt on his forehead. I went to wipe it off, and it was not dirt, it was a bruise! He BUSTED (hard enough for a LARGE goose egg on his forehead and a nasty bruise) his head while playing and did not even flinch! I did not know he hit his head until we got home, over an hour later! Needless to say, he is fine.

Monday was back to preschool for Little Man and back to the daily grind for me.

Tuesday was appointments for Little Man and Little Miss. Little Man had his 4 year check up. He is 43 pounds and 42 inches tall. Perfectly healthy and growing like he should. Little Miss is 11.12 pounds. This blows my mind. I looked back and Little Man was 11.5 pounds at 4 months, Little Miracle was 12.6 pounds at 4 months.

She is a big baby. Little Man at 2 months was in the 4th percentile for his weight, Little Miracle was in the 5th. Little Miss at 2 months is in the 71st. Shes perfectly healthy though, just big. I am not used to a big baby, but I have always wanted a chunky baby, looks like I finally got it!

Wednesday was school again for Little Man and then AWANA. It was store night. At AWANA they earn "bucks" for things like attendance, wearing their vest, saying their verse and bringing their Bible. Little Man had 32 AWANA bucks. He bought a Cars ping pong game and two Veggie Tales CDs for the car. He also saved some of his bucks for the next store night.

Thursday was another chill out day at home. I started a fire in the fire place because it was overcast and quite chilly for Atlanta.

Little Miss laughed for the first time Thursday night. She was smiley and trying to poop, so I made up a silly cheer about poop, and she laughed! I find this really funny since Little Man laughed for the first time with poop also. What is it with my kids and poop?

Friday, well, its Friday morning right now. I haven't done much. Little Man is at school and Stephen is working a half day. We will see what trouble we get into tonight!

See ya next week!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Review

This week was amazing!

Saturday we celebrated Little Mans 4th birthday at Catch Air. Little Man had.a.BLAST! Him and a bunch of his friends played for well over an hour then we went to the party room and had pizza and cupcakes. After they all ate, he opened his presents. He got a bunch of new toys that he LOVES.

Little Miracle playing with the light floor.

Little Man hiding under the light slide.


Sunday was a chill at home type day. After church we went home and relaxed.

Monday was Little Mans actual birthday. I made cupcakes for his pre-school class and took them there for him. He LOVED Mama being in his class. We sung to him and he shared his cupcakes with his class. After school, we went back to Catch Air (he wanted to go) then came home and had spaghetti and broccoli for dinner, one of his favorite meals.

Wednesday Little Man got to play games on the computer for the first time. He loved it! He now asks me daily to play games.


Thursday we got Little Man a new car seat and recovered his old one for Little Miss. New seats for both!



Today Little Miracle and I went to Joyful Noise Acres Farm for a tour with our local moms group. Little Miracle got to hold a baby chick and helped feed the laying hens. It was a ton of fun.


After the farm, we picked up Little Man at school. I was very surprised when I got home and pulled out his folder and saw this.


Those of you who know me, know my love of my kids footprints. I have both boys newborn prints tattooed on my shoulder, and will add Little Miss as soon as I can. I love that they did a footprint craft. A 4 year old footprint sure is bigger than a newborn print!

This next week is slow, with not much planned. Cant wait to see what fun we have!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

To my Little Man on the eve of your 4th birthday.

I am so proud of you. You are becoming such a little man. Your nick name suits you.

This year you welcomed a sister. You told Mommy she was pregnant before Mommy knew, told us it was a sister and told us she would be born on a Sunday. You were right. You love your sister with every inch of your being. You always ask me to let you hold her, if she fusses, you tell me she is crying and will get her pacifier for her. You swing her in the swing and love kissing and hugging on her, even if she is screaming at you. You would probably change her diaper if I would let you.

You started preschool this year too. You LOVE preschool. You only go 3 days a week, but you would go every day if they offered it. I love seeing your artwork that you bring home from school. Painting, drawing smiley faces, practicing your letters, I love it all. You love playing outside at school. Every day when I ask what you did, you tell me “we played outside”

You know all of your letters, numbers, shapes, colors… You are as smart as a whip. Quick to correct me if I am wrong. You love learning. You love sharing what you learn.

You love to sing. ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are your favorite, but you love singing Rock A Bye to your sister. You learn so quickly that we can sing a song once and you have all the words down by the next time we sing it.

You are in AWANA right now too. You love it just as much as preschool. You learn your verses every week, and have not missed one yet. You even get the address of the verse, even though they don’t ask your class to do it (you are one of the oldest in your class because of where your birthday fell). You are so proud of your patches you get on your vest.

Your favorite thing to do at home is play outside. You got a bike for your birthday this year. A real bike! You tell me all the time “I am learning to ride my bike”.

You still love to cuddle with Mommy in Mommy and Daddys bed. Any chance you get to come in you will. You also fully potty trained this year. You had day time down at 33 months, but night time was tough.

You love to help Mommy cook. Although brownies are your favorite thing to cook, you LOVE broccoli and snow peas to eat.

Your best friend right now is your cousin Sydney. Your eyes light up every time you see her. You just love her! I love seeing how close you two have become.

Your favorite color is blue. And you tell me all.the.time.

You love your little brother too. You love to play on the floor with him. He tries to steal your toys all the time. You are not the best sharer, but you are learning. You always tell Little Miracle that we are almost home when he is fussing in the car. You tell me when he is up from his nap and demand that I go get him right then and there.

I am so proud of who you are becoming. I can’t believe that you are 4 years old. Time really flies when you are having fun! I am excited to see what this year bring us!

Love Mommy


Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Week In Review

This week was fun!

Saturday we went to the fair. Little Man and Little Miracle had SO much fun riding the rides and at the petting zoo. Little Man got to feed a cow and thought that was the coolest thing in the world. Little Miss slept thru the fair.


Sunday our church had a tailgaiting party. Lots of food and fun. Little Man loved the bounce house the most! I liked the chili cook-off! Lots of different kinds of chili to eat.

Monday my mom came and hung out with us all day. I love when my mom comes over. It's very helpful to a stay at home mom to have some adult conversation during the day! Out new next door neighbors got a new fridge and we stole the box. We made it into a fort and then had the boys paint it. It takes up a massive amount of space in my living room, but the boys are still playing in it tonight!


Wednesday Little Man got his second patch at AWANA. He got the first one last week for completing so many pages in his workbook and memorizing so many verses. I am so proud of my Little Man. He learns his verse every week and proudly says it to his teacher when he gets to his class room. At 3, he is not required to say the address of through verse but I make him learn it also. This week his patch was for attendance. He has not missed a week yet!

Wednesday Little Miss wore her first tu-tu. It was adorable!

Yesterday was a play day. We went to Catch Air and played for hours. The boys love that place. Little Miracle loved going down the huge slide in my lap.

Today we went to the park while Little Man was at school. Then we went to the bookstore with daddy and played with Thomas the Train. Tonight we spent time learning to ride his bike and then we walked to the neighborhood playground and had a picnic. We talked to our new neighbors and some old ones on the way back.

Tomorrow kicks off a new week for my week in review, and next week is going to be epic!