Sunday, August 4, 2013

Little Misters birth in pictures

Little Mister's birth was just beautiful. I still can not come up with the words to describe it. So how about some pictures? My midwife and one of her apprentices took pictures of my labor. I am SO blessed to have pictures of this labor, since I have none from any of my other children.
One last belly picture in my kitchen. Just before being checked and being 8 cms.
The birth pool (before I hung pictures on the wall)
Some of the affirmations hung on the wall (and pictures the kids drew)
Checking my blood pressure before I got into the pool
The beginning of a contraction
 Breathing thru the contraction
Stephen supporting me
Working hard
A nice rest between contractions
Stephen went upstairs to get a straw for my water, and my mom stepped in for a contraction.
I love my mom
Checking Little Misters heartbeat while resting
and checking his heartbeat during a contraction
"300,000 women will be giving BIRTH with me today!!" You are NEVER alone.
Almost baby time. My midwife, waiting patiently, hands off, letting me labor.
My mom waiting too.
He's BORN!
Getting a good look at him, and my midwife checking him out.
Daddy checking him out.
I love Brenda's (my midwife) face in this picture.
Checking him out
Washing him off a little
And daddy gets to hold him for the first time.
We moved upstairs to my bath tub for an herbal sitz bath.
Nursing. And probably pooping on me.
Still nursing
Look how freaking cute he is!!
 In love already
Finally settled in my bed.
Daddy joined us
Nursing again.
And his official birth weight: 8 lbs 10 ozs. My biggest baby yet.
Checking him over to make sure he is healthy
Daddy being.... well, Daddy. He's quite silly
My mom and us
And my lovely birth team