Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I know its a little early, but I just finished up the treat bags and Valentine's Day cards for Little Man's preschool class.

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I am so happy with the way these turned out!! I can't wait to hand them out!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Glow Stick Fun

We love our glow sticks here.

We play hide and seek with them almost every night.

Hints why I was at Target buying more today.

So I am standing in the check out line with Little Miracle and Little Miss {while Little Man was in preschool}, waiting on my turn to pay for the random things that I have in my buggy. The woman in front of me {with 2 small children herself} sees me putting glow sticks up on the check out counter. She starts talking about her friend.

Her friend who puts her kids in the bubble bath with the glow sticks and turns off the lights


I’m standing there in awe. Why didn’t I think of that already???

So, tonight we gave it a try! I filled the tub with water and bubbles. I did not tell the boys what my plan was.

Boys, not knowing what’s coming!

With the tub full of water and bubbles and two boys happily playing in the tub, I cracked the glow sticks and then turned the lights off.

The boys were not sure what just happened. They were wondering why they were taking a bath in the dark.

I let them wonder for a few seconds, and then right when they were about to ask for the lights back on, I tossed the glow sticks in the tub, lighting the tub up.


And they LOVED it. They did not want to get out!! They played happily for almost an hour. I felt the water temperature at the end of the bath time and it was ICE cold. But neither of the boys was complaining. They did not want to get out!

What a grand idea!!

Any other ideas for glow sticks??


Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Man's First "Camping" Trip

Stephen was at drill last weekend when I pulled the tent out and put it up in the play room to amuse the kids for a while.

We "pretended" to camp that weekend and the following few days when Stephen was out of town. We roasted pretend marshmallows, we told ghost stories, made pretend dinners and hid from pretend bears. The whole time Little Man kept asking me to let him sleep in the tent.

I told him when he Daddy gets home he could "camp" with Daddy. Little Man was SO excited when Daddy got home.

The night Daddy came home we tucked Little Miracle into his bed while Little Man and Daddy headed downstairs to "camp". Little Man had SO much fun sleeping with Daddy in the tent.

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I think when it gets warmer, I may send the boys on a REAL camping trip with Daddy.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kids Are Weird

Little Miracle sat like this while watching Toy Story.

Not for 5 minutes of the movie, not for 10 minutes, no.

The entire movie.

I'll give you a minute to Google that.

Or, here, Let Me Google That For You.

81 minutes.

Kids are weird

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am beginning to think Little Miss is teething. What do you think?



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bunk Beds and Toddler Beds

A few months ago we went looking for bunk beds. We knew we would need one when we moved the boys into the same room. We found one we liked, but I really did not want to spend $1000 on it. So off to Craigslist I went. Almost every day for the past 2 months I looked for one on Craigslist.

Monday was my lucky day. I finally found one I loved that was in my price range and local. We went to look at it and it was perfect so home it came.


On the way home we stopped to let Little Man pick out sheets. He picked out a Toy Story set. We picked up a plain one for the other bed since it will eventually be Little Miracles but I want him to pick out what he wants when that time comes.

When we got home, we set up the bed. Little Man was SO excited to finally have his bunk beds!! He {of course} chose the top bunk.


We moved his train bed to Little Miracles room fully expecting to start Little Miracle in the toddler bed that night. When Little Man was moved to a toddler bed, he went in no problems at all. I kinda hoped that Little Miracle would do the same.

I should have known better.

When the train bed was in Little Mans room, Little Miracle wanted it. He would climb up into it every night and tuck himself in under the covers, waiting on his bedtime story from Daddy. But once it was moved to his room, he wants NOTHING to do with it.

I tucked him in it last night, kissed him good night and left. 10 seconds later he is SCREAMING. I went back in and ended up sitting on the floor next to his bed rubbing his back and talking to him. Finally, almost 40 minutes later, he said “I crib please?”.

Sure thing Little Miracle. Back in his crib he went.

I guess he’s not quite ready. We will try again in a few days and see what he does. Once he is sleeping in a toddler bed, we will move him into Little Mans room then I get to redecorate the nursery for Little Miss!

{We are also using the toddler bed to take away the bottle. He only gets a bottle at nap and bed time, so when he gets the toddler bed he has to have a sippy cup. He drank all of his milk from the sippy cup last night while I was in his room, so we may be getting somewhere on that!}


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Roller Coaster

The past 5 months have been such an emotional roller coaster in this house.

It has nothing to do with the birth of Little Miss or the fact that we went from 2 to 3 kids.

You see, Stephens dad had surgery on August 3rd. What should have been routine kidney surgery {removal of a kidney that was cancerous} turned into a 5 month hospital stay.

Stephens’s dad was over weight and in pretty poor health when it was discovered that he had cancer in one of his kidneys. The doctors recommended removing it. The surgery was supposed to be mid August, but since I was due with Little Miss around that time, my mother in law decided to see if they could do it earlier.

August 3rd he went into surgery. The surgery went well and he was sent to recovery at the hospital. On August 7th, we got a phone call from my mother in law. Stephens’s dad had taken a turn for the worst. His other kidney had failed {which was almost expected}, but his heart and lungs seemed to be failing also. The doctors had placed him in the ICU. We were told he had muti-organ system failure and that he had about 24-48 hours to live.

Stephens’s older brother from Chicago and his younger brother from Washington DC flew into town. Stephens’s aunt drove down from Tennessee. Lots of tears were shed.

We all camped out at the hospital waiting on news. My massively pregnant butt was chasing Little Man and Little Miracle all over the ICU waiting rooms. Every time we walked into the main entrance of the hospital, a doctor would remind me they “do not have labor and delivery at this hospital, and if that is why we were here, you need to go to a different hospital”.

Over the next few days he slowly improved. His other kidney never started working again {so they started dialysis}, but his heart and lungs did. We had a glimmer of hope.

Over the course of the next few weeks, he came out of ICU and was placed on the regular floor of the hospital again. Little Miss was born and he heard that he had his first grand daughter {he has 5 grandsons}.

{My memory is blurry of the dates and times in-between things from this point, since I was now taking care of a newborn also}

A few weeks later he was placed back in ICU because they thought he had pneumonia and his organ systems looked to be failing again. We were all on edge again, thinking he would die.

He once again pulled out of ICU and was placed back in the regular part of the hospital.

In mid October we brought Little Miss to see him. I felt she was old enough, and he was not with “sick” people in the hospital, but on a floor specifically for kidney patients.

Meeting Little Miss for the first time {and almost 50 pounds lighter!!)


Oh my how happy Little Man was to see him!!


Loving on the boys!


In early November, he was sent to a rehab hospital. All he needed to do was gain his strength back and he would be sent home. We were all hopeful that he would be home for Thanksgiving.

He developed an infection at some point at the rehab hospital. The area where his kidney used to be had an abscess. He would need surgery again. He was sent back to the regular hospital where they did surgery to clean out that area. A minor setback.

Thanksgiving came and went, and then Christmas and New Years did the same. In early January we found out he needed another surgery because an aneurism developed in his arm {I believe due to the dialysis port}

At this point, we were all just thankful to have him alive, and had no idea when he would come home. We were shocked after this surgery that the doctor declared him well enough to go home!

After 5 months and 1 day in the hospital, 3 surgeries, 2 ICU stays and 100 pounds lost, he is HOME!!!

He still has quite a road to recovery since he has to get up and moving again after spending so much time in the hospital. He will also have to do dialysis for the rest of his life, but he is home!

It as a roller coaster we are glad to be off of!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Little Man loves playing with my camera. He knows he is not allowed to, but I often find him with my camera strap around his neck, pretending to take pictures. Telling his brother and his toys to all say cheese, standing back and saying “click” to take a picture.

To keep him from playing with my camera, we bought him a “kid” camera. One that takes crappy pictures, but will not break when dropped. Bad thing is it eats batteries so fast he hardly gets to take a few pictures before its dead. Then he is left looking for my camera again.

He finds it and continues to "take" his pictures until I spot him playing with it, take it back and remind him that we don’t play with Mommies camera because it would take all of the money in his piggy bank {and then some} to fix it if it breaks.

He says "yes ma'am" and goes off to play. I then put my camera up in a high place where he can not reach it and go about my day.

He has not played with the camera to my knowledge in several months.

Imagine my surprise when I went to get pictures off of it yesterday and saw this.


Funny. I didn’t remember taking a picture of my living room. With the snow flakes hanging from the ceiling, so within the last month.

The next picture was this


My Little Miracle, taken from a height not much taller than him. With a long sleeve shirt on. Hum. The past few days have been really warm. We did have a cold snap a few weeks ago, but I still don’t remember taking this picture.

I continued flipping thru the pictures. Some more of the living room, some of the ceiling fan and a few that were too blurry to decipher. I was beginning to suspect Little Man.

But this picture gave him up


Ah, yes, those would be Little Mans new light up Cars shoes.



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Amuse Kids

I learned a 10 step process to thoroughly amusing my kids today.

Step 1: Spend half your morning building a really cool blanket tent

Step 2: Tie a safety pin to the end of a piece of thread

Step 3: Attach safety pin to top of tent

Step 4: Tie the other end of the thread around the ceiling fan pulling as tight as you can {thus raising the tent}. Tie the thread around the fan.

Step 5: Wait a day. This whole day, the boys will ignore the tent, refusing to play in it. But they will beg you to leave it up for tomorrow, because they swear they will play in it then. The next morning wake up feeling like crap and lay down on the couch while the boys go play in the tent

Step 6: Realize after about 30 minutes of it being *too quiet* you are now hearing something that sounds like the boys hitting each other, but with laughter involved

Step 7: Drag your sick self off the couch to see what they are doing

Step 8: Find this


The tent you took half the morning building on the floor. Two boys on the top of the tent, clapping and trying to catch *something* that is swinging in the air

Step 9: Freak out when you realize that something is now an open safety pin, swinging right at your child’s eye.

Step 10: Close the safety pin, and let them continue their game.

Seriously, the boys have been trying to catch that safety pin ALL day today. This is a “why play with the toy when the box is more fun” type thing I suppose.

I have since packed away all the blankets that made the tent, but Little Man requested “you please leave this up?” {talking about the thread and safety pin}. Sure Man, you got it.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Made To Love

I usually do not talk about religion on my blog {or in person for that matter}. I feel religion is a very personal topic so I am reserved in talking about religion and my feelings on the topic.

That said, I do have to share this story. It is not preachy, I will not tell you that you are going to hell or share my faith. Its just a neat story.


Our pastor challenged us to a 21 day fast yesterday. Give up one thing for 21 days. Or even for certain hours during the day. When you crave what you gave up, use that time to focus on God.

I knew immediately what I wanted to give up.

You see, I have a small {ok, big} addiction to Twitter and FaceBook. I find myself checking it at random times thru out the day. Kids playing quietly, Mamas on FaceBook. Daddy home from work and watching the kids, Mamas on Twitter.

Even while playing with the kids I find myself messing with my phone.

What message is this showing my kids? That my all loved smart phone is more important to me than playing with them. I don’t want that!

So, I vowed to give up FaceBook and Twitter unless I am nursing Little Miss. So, that gives me about 10-15 minutes of social media time every 3-4 hours. Not bad. I can do this.

I started this morning. I did great. Nursed Little Miss and fiddled with my phone checking in on Twitter. Then Little Miss was done. But was I?

I had to be, so I put my phone up on the fire place mantle and went to play with the boys.

After about 15 minutes, I found myself reaching for my phone. As soon as I realized I was doing this, I put my phone down and went in search of my iPod so we could listen to music to take my mind off of the lack of social media.

Ah, the devil at play, my iPod was D.E.A.D. Like, wouldn’t even turn on when plugged in dead.

And the kids were screaming and driving me insane.

So I turned on the radio.

The station was 104.7 the Fish which is the local Christian radio station. You know what song was playing when I turned it on? “Made To Love” by TOBYMAC. Now, this song does not have too much personal meaning to me. Until now. The part that was playing was this:

“Anything I would give up for you (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)
Everything, I'd give it all away (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)

Anything I would give up for you (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)
Everything, I'd give it all away (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)

Anything I would give up for you (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah)
Everything, I'd give it, I'd give it all away, Oh yeah

Cause I was made to love you (I was made to love you)
Yeah I was made to love you (I was made to find you)”

Yeah. Process that guys. Think about that for a minute……..

The exact moment I was struggling with “giving up” my beloved social media, the radio was playing this song, and this exact part of this song, talking about giving up anything.

Isn’t God awesome?!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glow Stick Hide and Seek

Santa brought my boys some glow sticks for Christmas. They have been itching to play with them for a while now.


The other night, we broke them out. We turned off all the lights in the house, shut the curtains to block the street light that is outside of our window, and played hide and seek.

Only the "seeker" has a glow stick. The "hiders" do not. The "seeker" then uses the light that the glow stick gives off to find the "hiders".

Glow stick hide and seek is so much more fun than regular hide and seek because you can hide out in the open. I laid down on the couch, and it took the boys 10 minutes to find me. They were RIGHT there at me a few times and did not see me.

Stephen laid down in a corner in the play room, and it took the boys 10 minutes to find him.

The most fun part of glow stick hide and seek? When they can’t find you and are so close, you can jump out and scare them, resulting in lots of giggles and screams from little boys!

{We got our glow sticks at Target. I read now that Target glow sticks don’t last long. I am picking up some more from the Dollar Store soon since we used the last ones from Target tonight}


Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Says You Need A Girl To Have A Tea Party?

Little Man met a little girl the other day at the park. She was talking about a tea party she was going to go to that evening. Little Man was intrigued and asked if he could go to. Since this was a birthday tea party (and a complete stranger) I told him he could not.

He seemed to all but forget about it until today.

This morning Little Man asked me to have a tea party.

I immediately said "yes!" because I remembered the tea set that Stephens mom had passed down to us many years ago in hopes that we would have a girl and be able to use it. I got the set down from the storage closet, opened the box and carefully unwrapped each piece.

Little Man set out a blanket for us.


I made the tea (milk) and got us some crackers. Little Man also set out some toys on a near by table for us to play with after we had "tea".


We then sat down to have our tea party.


Little Man LOVED his tea party. He even pretended that his tea was hot. He had to blow on it to cool it down.


Little Miracle got in on the fun too.


The boys loved the tea party. And why shouldn’t they? Society has a way of saying that little boys should play with cars, and little girls should play with dolls. Those rules do not apply at my house. If Little Man or Little Miracle wants to play with dolls or other "girl toys", they are welcome to it. I’m sure Little Miss will fight the boys for the trains and cars one day too.

Tea parties are not the first thing that society considers "for girls" that he has asked to do.

One day last summer when I was painting my nails, he held his hand out to me and said "red is my favorite color" in a "paint my nails too" kind of tone. So, I did.


He also LOVES to play dress up at his cousins’ house.


He also wanted to wear a hair bow on "crazy hair" night at AWANA.


Am I concerned that he likes all these "girly" things? No. He’s a kid. And if he turns into a teenager that likes to have tea parties and paint his nails, I’m ok with that too.


Introducing: My Kids

Since I started this blog, I have made it a point not to post my kids faces on it. I thought it was for safety, keep my kids faces off the internet. But now that I think about it, their faces are already all over the internet. On my FaceBook page, on my Twitter page. Yup. No hiding them.

Frankly, I am tired of trying to take pictures of them looking away from the camera just for the blog. So, here they are! My kids!

Little Man


Little Miracle


Little Miss


Aren't they cute? And now that they are out "in the open", I have a few more posts I am going to be sharing!!


Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 In Review

2011 was a busy year for us!

In January, we got to see our precious Little Bean
and see that it was a baby and not another molar pregnancy. {Each time I get pregnant, the risk is higher that it will be a molar again, so we have early ultrasounds to rule this out}

We also decided not to find out the gender of our “Little Bean” this time around. It was something I had wanted to do in previous pregnancies but never ended up having the patience to do so.

In February, Little Miracle started walking and also weaned from nursing. Just like his older brother, he did both at 14 months.

In March, I played with chemicals again to get some “guesses” on the gender of the baby. Both tests said “BOY!”

We also painted our house and did lots of other small projects

In April, we had our 20 week ultrasound and stayed strong with not finding out the gender. At that appointment, Stephen swore he saw “nothing” between the legs {even though they did not even look}, so he was convinced from that day on that the baby was a girl.

In May we celebrated 7 years of marriage. We went out to dinner. I was craving a bacon cheeseburger so we went to Chili's. This was the first year we did not go somewhere REALLY nice, but the pregnant lady had a craving! We also went to The Melting Pot for dessert.

June brought us our annual Florida trip and my growing suspicions that the baby was, in fact, a girl based on how I was carrying.

July we finally redecorated the boys bathroom and finally got them out of my bathtub.

August brought us the birth of Little Miss. Another fast birth, though we {barley} made it to the hospital this time around {And Stephen missed the whole thing. He was parking the car.} I had it planned that no one would tell me the gender. I was shocked and surprised to look for myself and see that she was a girl!

In September we started AWANA and my Little Man started preschool. They both love AWANA and Little Man is doing amazing in preschool.

October my Little Man turned 4. We also spent lots of afternoons playing in the leaves. Our fall this year was absolutely gorgeous.

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. I hosted and we had 15 people in our house for Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of delicious food and great company.

December brought us another birthday. My Little Miracle turned 2 and shortly there after started putting himself to sleep

We also celebrated Christmas {and I have not written that post yet}. The boys LOVED their Santa gifts and the gifts that we got them. Little Miss also got some fun stuff from Santa and us, though most of it was socks and tights.

What’s the plan for 2012?

Well, we have our annual Florida trip planned in June. We are planning a Chicago trip {and TweetUp} for some time this year. Little Man will continue preschool and Little Miracle will most likely start preschool also. We have a lot of house improvement projects planned for the beginning of the year, and Stephen and I are going to be buying a whole new wardrobe for us. It’s seriously been 10 years since we bought anything significant for our wardrobe. Little Miss will most likely start walking and also celebrate her 1st birthday!

I am excited to see 2012 here!