Monday, January 25, 2010

Imagine It!

We took a trip last week to Imagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta. Little Man's good friends D and C came to play too. We had never been here, and I do not know why! It was AWESOME!! Little Man had SO much fun! I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Curious George had an exhibit there. They had all these little doors to open, and different things were inside the doors. Little Man LOVED these!!

Little Man got to fish! They even had rain jackets to try to keep the kids halfway dry.


Moon Sand! This stuff is cool! It is sand, but acts like wet sand in the fact that you can build with it. BUT WAIT, there's more.... if you pack it together, it breaks up easily, so you can build even more with it!Photobucket

Playing on the scale

Balls!! Little Man liked this one the best I think. They had a "forklift" that you load the balls into, then the balls traveled all over, and ended up dropping right back down to where you started. Little Man LOVES balls, so he had a blast playing with this!

Driving the ball forklift

Painting with C

Baking Mommy a cake! Well, Mommy says it's a cake!

Playing with D and C

Little Man and his friends had SO much fun! It was hard to keep him awake on the ride home, since it was past his nap time. As soon as we got home, he crawled into bed and slept for 3 hours!

We will definitely go back, and next time we will take Daddy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Mans Dictionary

Little Man is becoming more and more vocal. He is finding his words and it is so darn cute to me to see what he is going to say next! Some words he pulls out I did not even know he knew. Here is his "dictionary". Just a few of the words he is using now.

battery : the fix to anything broken.
pronounced : batt-ree.
ie: while grocery shopping at Walmart yesterday, Little Man saw an overhead light was out. Pointing to the light, he said "light... uhoh... battery"

burger : any sandwich.
pronounced : bour-burr
ie: I was eating a turkey sandwich at home and Little Man points to it and said "I need burger"

slide : the fun thing at the park
pronounced : lie-d
ie: We hung out with one of Little Mans best friends yesterday. Pulling up to their house, he saw the playground and excitedly shouted "SLIDE"

train : anything that runs on a track
pronounced : rain
ie: While at lunch yesterday, Little Man saw on the road an 18 wheeler tractor trailer. From where we were sitting, it did look like a train car. He points to it and said "train"

baby brother : the smaller child in this house
pronounced : be-bee br-udder
Every morning Little Man comes out of his room, runs to Little Miracles room and says "Where is baby?" Then he goes to my bed, and says "Baby Brother!" when he sees him sleeping in my bed.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday


I would never, EVER even think about buying a new car seat so Little Man could continue rear-facing until 45 lbs. I would never KNOW that I could buy it now, with Stephen out of town, install it, and he would probably not notice the new seat. He would, however, notice the money out of our account. (No, I did not buy it. I still REALLY want to though!)

I would never email myself a reminder from my Blackberry. Like one that said "blog car seat email" to remind me of my Not Me Monday ideas.

I would never get said email, and ponder over what it meant for about 15 minutes before remembering what it meant.

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

Out of the mouth of babes...

When Little Man was learning to say "please" when he wants something, and "thank you" after he gets it, we were giving him M&Ms. Little Man wanted one, so he went to Daddy and said "please". Daddy gave him an M&M and said "now what do we say when we get what we asked for?" and Little Man said proudly "I need more"

We have a talking smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector. I was cooking the other day and it went off. (It goes off pretty much any time I have the oven and cook top on at the same time) It screams loudly "FIRE FIRE" then beeped three times. Little Man was terrified when it first went off, but since then, he has been walking around the house saying "FIRE FIRE beep beep beep".

Little Man gets chocolate milk before his nap and bed. The other morning, he got out of bed and we went downstairs so he could have breakfast and regular milk, no chocolate in the morning. I poured milk into his cup, and he went to help me put the lid on his cup. He looked in the cup, noticed it was white milk and said "NO I need chalk" (his word for chocolate milk.)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday


I would never give my over active toddler chocolate milk before his nap. Or before bed for that matter. It does not make him stop fighting going to bed.

I would never go grocery shopping and then leave all the groceries in the car so Little Man and I could play at McDonald's. Hey, it's really cold outside, the groceries were fine.

I would never load both kids into the car and head out with no place to go. I wouldn't just drive around randomly because they were both quiet. Sanity break anyone?

Friday, January 8, 2010

34 pounds.

Little Man weighs 34 lbs. This means he is incredibly hard to pick up. Means he is growing up. It also means he has almost outgrown his rear-facing car seat.

This makes me sad. Very sad. My Little Man is growing up too fast!

My sister bought me a Britax Marathon car seat what feels like centuries ago. Little Man was about 6 months old. He looked SO tiny in the HUGE seat. She bought it for me with the promise that I would keep him rear facing till the weight limit of the seat. No problem I said!

I have gotten many weird looks when putting my toddler into the car. People see his size and give me a look of "what is she doing??". I have many times wanted to tell people how much safer it is to keep your babies rear-facing, but I just know they will say "oh-well the pediatrician said we could turn him at 20 lbs and 12 months". Yes, that is true. That is the law. But just cause you CAN does not mean you SHOULD. I mean, come on, you can walk on hot coals, but should you? I don't know, I have never done it, but I don't think I would!

I feel like the end of Little Mans "babyhood" is coming! He, I know, is no longer my little 7.5 lb baby. He is growing into a cute, loud, curious Little Man. And this is just part of his transformation. So, tomorrow morning his car seat will be forward-facing in my car. Look out world!

If you want more information on extended rear-facing and the benefits of this practice, check out these links.

All the benefits of rear-facing


Healthy children (linked from the AAP website)


Living in Atlanta, we hardley ever get snow. It hardley ever gets under 32 for more than a day! This past week has been different. It has been in the teens and 20's all week, and yesterday we got SNOW!!!

The flurries started shortly after I put Little Man down for a nap. This is what greeted me when I went to get the mail. Tiny flakes just starting to stick.


It started really coming down a few hours later.


Little Man woke up, and pointed outside. He was not too sure about what it was! I told him it was snow, and he said "snowman". He has a snowman toy, and we have been pointing them out in books, so he put the two together. Too bad there is not enough snow to make a snowman! Well, a good one anyway!


I think the snow will stick around for a while since it is 16 degrees out there today!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I have noticed on my girl friends blogs this "Not Me Monday". Things you would NEVER do. Ya know, you would never feed your kid sugar only to send them to school? Or you would never watch your child scale the kitchen cabinets to get a cookie? Yeah, so... ok, things you do and admit to! So, I have decided to take part in the "Not Me Monday" blog post!


I would never leave my child in his room while he is asking for me at his door just to get a blog post up.

I would never grocery shop late at night with both kids. Then come home, get all the groceries out of the car, put away the cold stuff and leave everything else on the kitchen table for another day.

I would never leave clothes in the dryer long enough to get wrinkled, and since I hate to iron, toss them from the dryer back into the washer.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little Miracle's Birth Certificate.

I went the other day to pick up Little Miracles birth certificate. I was kinda excited! When I was filling out the form for the certificate in the hospital, I was told to put my name as the "attending physician" since there was no doctor there. Cool!

Imagine my surprise when I saw this.


I find it funny (maybe I am the only one?) that it even shows that my home birth was not intended!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fun With Little Man

We made rum balls (a holiday tradition at my house) yesterday. I have my grandmothers recipe for them, and they are SO good! Little Man decided to help me roll the dough into balls and coat them in powdered sugar. Once he tasted the powdered sugar, all helping was off. He decided to play in, and eat the sugar instead of helping mommy! He was so cute though, covered in sugar from head to toe.


After we got some what cleaned up, Little Man found Stephens handcuffs from his police days. We found a way to keep Little Man in line!