Monday, March 30, 2009

Great News

I had the second round of pregnancy blood work today. My hCG went from 42 on Thursday, to 319.5 today! It is supposed to, at minimum, double every 72 hours, so this is good news.

My doctor is having me come in for an ultrasound at 6 weeks, which is April 14th. Please keep praying for our Little Miracle!

Let me also say a HUGH THANK YOU for all the prayers so far! They are appreciated!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tornado Warnings and Puddle Jumping

We had a day of severe storms yesterday. When I say a day, I mean from 9 am till about 6 pm, we were under some sort of warning. Tornadoes, severe weather, flash flooding, you name it, the news people were telling us about it. The worst of the weather came about noon, right at Little Mans nap time.

If you know me, you know my fear of this kind of weather. Needless to say, Little Man did not sleep upstairs in his crib. He skipped his nap, well, pushed his nap till about 3 pm.

In the mean time, we colored, watched it rain, wrestled with Daddy, and looked for tornadoes.


When the rain came, it POURED for hours!!

My little frog was sitting outside, waiting to tell me how much rain we got.

I took these pictures from our bedroom, this is our normally grassy back yard.


Well, after the storms passed, I decided it was time to take Little Man puddle jumping for the first time. This was something I remember doing with my mom, so I want Little Man to enjoy it too. We put on his sandals, so he could feel the water, and off we went.

We looked around for a good looking puddle. We found this one, but Little Man did not realize I actually wanted him to go into it!


After a little convincing, and making Daddy show him what to do, he dove in!



He had a BLAST!! We jumped, splashed and giggled for over an hour in those puddles. By then, it was time to head home for a much needed bath and off to bed for all of us.

Oh-yeah! My frog that weathered the storm all day, reported almost 4 inches of rain to me.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Miracle!

After being due in July of '09, I fell in love with the idea of an '07 baby (Little Man) and an '09 baby. The July baby-to-be ended up being the molar pregnancy. I thought I would never have my '07 and '09 babies.

Fast forward to St. Patrick's day. If you remember I was cleared on that day from my molar pregnancy. Turns out, I also ovulated that day.


I am just over 3 weeks pregnant. I got a positive at home pregnancy test today. My doctor already did blood work, and will continue to do blood work to make sure everything looks good. So far, my hCG is 42, and my progesterone is 25. I have another appointment on Monday to make sure the hCG is doubling like it should, and that the progesterone is staying high.

I am due December 8th! It's my little miracle. If you are a person that prays, would you mind saying a little prayer for our litte miracle baby-to-be?

Another Head Wound

I think I am gonna have to stop posting about these! They are making me feel bad!

My husband and Little Man were wrestling on the floor the other night. He decides to pull his legs out from under him, not noticing how close Little Man was to the coffee table.

You guessed it. He bit the coffee table again. Not the corner, no, we have protection over the corners... But that spot that is not protected.

Here it is right after it happened.

And what it looked like yesterday. You can barley see it in the picture, but it is about 2 inches long and blue in person.

I have some news I will be sharing in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Budding Artist?

Remember this post? Well, my son still loves to play with pens, but recently he learned that they draw on everything. I am starting to see pieces of his "art" throughout my house.


He decided to decorate his "forehead protectors" on our coffee table. He did this when I was sitting right next to him, studying. Daddy was supposed to be watching him.

Now, after seeing that, I picked up all the pens and put them away. He is no longer allowed to play with them. Imagine my surprise when I saw this in his play room.


He must have swiped a pen from my stash. Sneaky Little Man!

Monday, March 23, 2009

An Award!

How fun is this? I just got an award!!


I got it from a friend I met in high school. She has an adorable 3 year old son that she home schools. Check out her blog Cheeky Monkey Preschool

Now... This award comes with rules... so I am gonna post those..

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Man, I am having a hard time picking 7 blogs! Here are my 7:

1) Firefightin' Soccer Mom My sisters blog about her job.
2) 2 Cruisers My moms blog all about her travels.
3) Simply Chic Where I design Sig's at
4) Steece's Pieces A blog I like to read about a mom to quads.
5) The Development of Festus Foo A good blog by a friend.
6) The Little Pete That Could Another good blog by a friend.
7) Heartbeat A woman's blog that I met at church.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Read the Manual People!

I have a toddler who is still rear-facing in his car seat. I have done the research and seen the proof that it is safer for kids to rear-face as long as your seat will allow this. Our Britax Marathon will allow Little Man to rear-face till 35 lbs, and he will be that way, even if he is 3 before he hits the weight. They have a height limit also, but I think he will hit the weight first.

My sister is a car seat tech, and has taught me a lot about car seats. She even bought us the Britax Marathon that Little Man rides in. I know, what I consider, a lot about car seats. I notice seats in cars next to us at red lights, and next to us in parking lots.

That being said, Friday I saw an infant car seat in the back of a Taurus sitting next to us at a red light. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong! Problem was, that infant carrier is only designed to rear-face, and it was forward facing. Top that off with a toddler sitting in it. Most of the infant seats have a weight limit of 22 lbs. This child was bigger than Little Man, and he is 27 lbs.

Then today, on the way back home from our trip, we stopped at McDonald's to change a stinky diaper. There was a white two-door truck parked next to us, with two people sitting in the bucket seats. Behind the drivers seat was an infant seat. Actually had an infant in it, BUT it was not an extended-cab that has seats back there! The car-seat was in the "jump seat" that has no buckle! There was no base to this car seat either, so I have no idea what was holding the car seat in.

Why even bother to buckle your child up if you are not going to do it correctly?

Check out these links if you want to learn more about extended rear facing. Remember, the law states that a child MUST rear-face until 20 lbs AND 12 months, but that is only a minimum.

Keep your kids safe please!

St. Patty's Day and A Haircut!

We headed up to Atlanta again this week. We needed to get some work done on the house that we will be living in in a few weeks. We got baby gates installed, all the construction trash cleaned up, and gave the house a good cleaning. We are getting excited about moving now! My husband had his "interview" on Friday also. I say interview, but it was really only about 10 minutes of 5 different people shooting questions at him. He said it went well, and that we would hear something this week. The guy that offered him this job was the head of the interview, and it sounded like a done deal even before the interview.

On Tuesday night, we went out for some green beer to celebrate St. Patty's Day. I am not Irish that I know of, but I love my beer... So why not celebrate? Here is my hubby's "dark green" beer.

And my "light green" beer

While we were up in Atlanta, I decided it was time to get Little Man's hair cut.


He is almost 18 months now, and he has never had a cut! He was born with semi-long hair, and it was to the point where it was curling now. So we looked online for a place that cuts children's hair. Being his first haircut, I wanted somewhere that would know how special it was. We found a place that only does children, and took him there.

This place was awesome! It had bright, colorful decor, and tons of toys to play with. When they heard it was his first haircut, they offered to take a picture for us. I declined, since I brought along my camera. They also offered to save the "curls" for me. I wanted this!!

So they take Little Man back, and put him on the chair. They put a "cars" smock on him. As the lady was about to get his hair wet with the spray bottle, he decided that he did not want the smock on. He does the same thing with bibs. Pulls them off. So, the smock went to the floor. At this time, he was starting to get curious.


The lady wet his hair down, and showed me just how long his hair really was!


The lady then combed his hair down and started to cut! This is when the tears started... not from me, from Little Man. He started SCREAMING!! He has never had his hair brushed with a comb either, so I think that freaked him out. I found a sucker in my purse and gave that to him, which took away all the tears. Then the lady pulled out the whole bucket of suckers, and he played with that the rest of the time.


When he was done, we got a certificate that showed how brave he was, along with all his "curls". Those both will end up in the scrapbook.


He really looks like a Little Man now!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am officially cleared from my molar pregnancy!! YEA!! I had my last blood work today, and it was 0.3. Now we can start trying for another child again.

I also decided to drop my online classes today. I don't have the disipline to take online classes. I get too distracted by Facebook, my message boards, and random stuff. Also that is not the way I learn. I have to see things, and reading it just does not make it sink in. So after the move I will start back in school... again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Child and His Forehead pt 4

Well, it's official. My child hates his forehead, and will do anything to injure it! This time, he was walking around with my scrapbook container lid, and fell. I have NO idea how this caused the huge scratch on his head, but here it is.

This one is not as bad as this one, or this one, or even this one and it does not look too bad because he just got out of the tub.


I know this will stop eventually, but for now, I am amused...

Edited to add:
Here it is this morning... Looks kinda painful when its dried out.


I hate living in the south in the spring. Yes, the weather is beautiful. BUT we have this pesky yellow stuff. Now I know it is everywhere, but it seems like it is worse in the south. It makes my eyes water, my nose run, then makes me cough and my throat hurt. It makes life miserable for about 2-3 months.

Some years ago, while reading the paper, I found the funniest comic depicting life with pollen. I have searched and searched to no avail to find this same comic. Since I could not find it, I decided to make one that looked similar. The comic had two little kids staring out the window, at what looked like snow. I could not find that picture, so I found one close, and after some editing, give you this...


Ok, so maybe that is a little extreme, but somewhat true. We had a short rain shower last night, which meant some of the pollen puddled. This is what awaited me this morning.


And this is what happens when we get a lot of rain. No, that's not foam or bubbles on top of the water... its pollen. This last picture was a cell phone pic, sorry its not of the best quality.


How much longer till summer?

comic image found at

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jury Duty and Cat Pee.

This week I had jury duty. I have always wanted to do jury duty, it always seemed like it would be fun.

I showed up early Monday morning to start my fun day of jury duty. There are two misunderstandings in that sentence. First off, it was NOT fun. Second off, day? NO... week!

Monday I was picked for a panel for a felony murder trial. We sat in a room being questioned as a group for over 4 hours. We got asked what we know about gangs, guns, the accused and the lawyers. I was kinda nervous about being picked for that one, knowing it was a gang shooting. Finally about 4:30, they named the jury. I was not picked on that one, so I thought my jury duty was over. Nope... come back tomorrow at 9 am.

Tuesday I got picked for a panel again. This one was for a child molestation case. I was NOT happy about that. Having a child, I think I am partial. Anyone ever touch my child, and they will not be in court, I will be... for murder. First thing we had to do on that panel was fill out a questionnaire about sexual crimes. If we were ever a victim, ever knew anyone who was a victim, ever knew anyone who was accused of or arrested for a sexual crime. After we filled that out, we were questioned about our children, who we know in the police department, and our prior jury service. They picked that jury at 5:15, and I was again not picked. I have to go back on Thursday.

I did have a criminal defense lawyer sitting behind me in the second panel. He was explaining how it all works, and why I did not get picked. That was nice. We will see what I have to do tomorrow.

While I have been at jury duty, my husband has been a stay-at-home-dad. He has not been very good at this job! I came home on Monday to a very messy house, and very cranky child. Yesterday the house was a little better, but by no means clean! I don't understand why he cant do everything I do in a day! I can clean the house, do a load of laundry, dishes, and cook dinner all while playing with Little Man and keeping him happy and out of trouble. Well, I will give my husband some credit..he was busy with our cat yesterday.

We have had this cat for 5 years, and had no problems with her until the past few months. She started peeing on things. Only towels or clothes left on the bathroom floor. If nothing is on the bathroom floor, she uses her litter box. We took her to the vet a few months back, and she had a UTI. She was given an antibiotic and seemed to be better. We also made it a point to not leave towels on the bathroom floor. We are not messy people by any means, just leave towels on the floor occasionally. Well, when we came back from Savannah, we discovered the cat was peeing on the living room rug. That is a NO!

I figured the cat had another UTI. Nope.. They did a urine test, ultrasound, blood work... everything in their power to figure out why the cat is peeing on the floor. Cats usually only go outside of their litter box when they are sick. Not our cat. $280 bucks to tell us we have a very healthy cat!

They say it is behavior. They gave us several things to try. We got her a new litter box and moved it to a new location. They told us to try to get rid of the stray cats we have around our apartments, but since people feed them (NOT US!!) they are not going anywhere. Plus we are moving so the strays wont be a problem anymore. I really don't want to get rid of the cat, but if she continues this, she will be gone.

Top all that off with Little Man getting a cough and a runny nose with yellow mucus, and it has been a great week!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Savannah: Part 2

Friday night we went to Moon River. It is a local brewery. The food was excellent, the service, not so much. Our waitress did not need to be waiting tables. Hubby and I did both find a beer that they brewed that we liked. I liked the cider beer, and he liked the darker one. In Savannah, it is legal to walk around and drink outdoors, as long as your beer is in a plastic cup.

This whole trip I have been telling my husband I wanted to eat at Lady and Sons. For those who don't know, that is Paula Deans restaurant in Savannah. It is next to impossible to get to eat there. I looked online Saturday morning, and saw that they started taking reservations at 9:30 for that days lunch and dinner. We were not sure if he was going to have the whole day off, so we went for lunch. We showed up at 9:30 to this. If you look closely, you can see a green sign hanging down. That is where you make your reservations. This line was only to make reservations. While we were waiting, the line just kept growing.

We got reservations for 11:00, so we walked around a little and showed back up at 10:45 as instructed. We were greeted by the same crowd. We had to stand across the street and wait. At 11:00, a lady came outside and welcomed us, and rang a triangle to signal it was time to eat! We then waited for our name to be called. When it was called, we got a "ticket" that got us in. Here is our "golden ticket" as I called it.

We were seated on the third floor, corner table. It was perfect! I had the lunch buffet (fried chicken, greens, potatoes, meatloaf, salad, etc...) and hubby had the meatloaf sandwich. Little Man enjoyed mac and cheese from my plate, and the garlic cheese bisquits. For dessert, Little Man and I shared some peach cobbler. The food and service were both excellent!

After lunch, we walked back to the car. I took this picture on the walk back. Just a pretty flower box.

We did end up driving back out to Tybee Island for more pictures and some beach fun. Little Man and Daddy played in the sand for almost an hour. They had lots of fun!

Coming back from the beach, I wanted to get a picture of a fountain. They had just dyed them all green to celebrate the upcoming St. Patricks Day.

This tree was in the same park as the fountain.

The last thing I wanted to do was take a ghoust tour. We looked at almost every one that they had. Most were trolley tours, and I just did not feel comfortable having my child in a trolley, not strapped in, with no windows. Just too dangerous for my taste! So we found a walking tour. We met at the cemetary at 7, just at dusk.

Our tour guide was a young lady, dressed in period costume, carrying a candle. She was very knowledgebale about the area. She told us several stories about soliders sleeping in the cemetary and vandalizing it. She said that most of the headstones were vandalized. They would change dates, or break them up and toss around the pieces. I was lucky to get this picture of a perfect looking headstone.

I noticed a bunch of headstones on a wall. I was wondering what they were, and right as I was about to ask, she explained that after the war was over, the townspeople tried to clean up the cemetary. They picked up the headstones, and placed them back were they belonged. The ones that no one remembered where they went, went on the wall.

This cemetary was just one of many in Savannah. Our tour guide was telling us about a Yellow Fever outbreak that Savannah had. She said this cemetary has 666 people burried from this outbreak, but the information plaque says almost 700. They put almost 700 because many people are superstitious.

After the cemetary, we went on a tour of several houses. We were told stories about the people that lived there when they were built, and the horrible death that some suffered. We were also told the stories of people who stay in these houses now, most now turned into inns, and bed and breakfast hotels. We were told about ghosts that will take your undergarments, children running up and down halls when there were no children staying at the inn, and even a ghost cat. It was a very intrestring tour, if you believe in ghosts or not!

I drove home early this morning, so I could make church. Hubby is still on his way home, because he had to return the busses that he was driving.

Friday, March 6, 2009


My husband is in the Army, and is in a transportation unit. Being in this unit, he gets the oppurnituty to travel a lot. As you remember, he was in Washington DC last week with his job. This weekend, they asked him to go to Savannah, and I actually got to tag along!

Little Man and I are having lots of fun! Yesterday we went shopping on River Street, rode the boat ferry, and ate at Five Guys, a really good burger joint.

Trees in Savannah


River Street

Little farther down River Street

Our hotel from the boat ferry

The bridge you have to drive over to get to our hotel. Thoes of you that know me, know my fear of bridges. This one is number one on my fear list. It goes straight up, and is so high!

River Street at night from across the river

This came buy this morning. This picture was taken from our hotel room window

Today we took a car trip out to Tybee Island and went to the ocean. This was his first time at the ocean, and the first time playing in sand. Leave it to me to make sure the camera battery was charged, right? Wrong! I did get a few shots in before my camera refused to work anymore. We are going to go back tomorrow hopefully and take some more pics!

Walking to the beach

Sea Gulls

Walking on the beach

Little Man wanted to eat the sand... He was not sure what it was!

We had to take off our shoes and feel the sand and water in our toes!

Sandy toes