Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Things

• I am now almost 10 weeks pregnant and feeling ok. I always get a stomach bug in pregnancy. With Little Man, I got it right after I found out I was expecting, so I was 4-5 weeks. With Little Miracle, I was 12 weeks and with Little Bean, I was 9 weeks. I got it twice in 4 days this time. NO fun!

• I have a Doppler at home to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I found it at 8 weeks, 6 days. I don’t listen to it that often, but it is nice to have. I am also feeling the baby move every now and then. About every 2-3 days I get a little flutter.

• We were snowed in all of last week. Atlanta got hit with a huge snowstorm. For some reason, or DOT was not prepared, so they did not start to clear the roads until Tuesday. The snow came on Sunday night. The weather man said all week it was coming, but the DOT did not listen. It was below freezing all week, so it did not start to clear until Friday.

• Little Miracle is still not walking. It is bugging Stephen, but I know he will walk on his time. Little Man walked at almost 14 months, and Little Miracle is there now. He will walk holding onto your hands. I know he will take off soon!

• Little Miracle is starting to talk. Its all sorts of fun. He also points to what he wants now, and shakes his head no if you pick the wrong thing. This has made him a much easier baby. He never caught onto the sign language like his brother did, but then again, I did not try that hard.

• We decided to not find out the sex of this baby before birth. It is my dreams to push the baby out and have no one announce the sex. I want to look for myself, and then get to announce it myself.

• I am already tired of the “do you hope it’s a girl?” comments. Seriously guys. I love my boys and would be THRILLED if it’s a boy. Yes, I would be equally thrilled if it is a girl too, but I do not hope for one sex over the other. So stop the comments!

• I “interviewed” Little Man today. Mainly about the baby in my belly. Here are his answers:

How did the baby get in my tummy? I don’t know

How is the baby going to get out of my tummy? Your pee-pee

Is the baby a boy or a girl? A baby.

But a boy or a girl? Boy

Are you going to have a brother or a sister? A sister

What are you going to name the baby? Ella (a name we are considering for a girl. I think he heard Stephen call the baby this)

What is your favorite toy? Um, this car (handing me the one he was playing with)

What is your favorite show on tv? Dinosaur Train

How old are you? 3

How old is Mommy? 3 like me

How old is Daddy? 3 like me

How old is Little Miracle? 3 like me

So everyone is 3 like you? Yeah


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