Thursday, January 17, 2013


Why hello blog world. I have missed you. And do I have the news for you!! Little Man is 5. Holy cow!! When did that happen?? We are trying to figure out what to do for schooling for next year. He will start kindergarten! He LOVES preschool and has learned so much there! We didn't do any sports with him this year, since he liked soccer practice, but not the games. He is talking about wanting to do soccer again, and we may try again soon. He is also about to start speech. He has been having some troubles pronouncing words, so we got him evaluated, and sure enough, he needs some help. The earlier the better, so we are doing that now.


The boys went ziplining in early November

Little Miracle is 3! He also LOVES preschool. He already knew most of what they are working on in his class, but he loves his little friends. He has no interest in sports. We just last week turned him forward facing in his car seat! I cant believe he is FINALLY big enough! He sleeps in a big boy bed, in his brothers room (now known as the boys room)and is completely potty trained.



Little Miss. Oh my. She is almost 18 months. She is walking, talking and has become a toddler overnight. She sleeps most nights and is still the easiest going child we have ever had.


She has gotten SO big!

And all that news I keep talking about? Well, we were surprised by another baby!! I found out in November that baby #4 is on the way! I am due in July and PLANNING a home birth this time! We are all excited to be adding to our family again (and also for the last time). The boys both want another brother, but I think Little Miss needs a sister. We will find out the gender this time, since we got rid of our baby stuff after Little Miss was born.


12 weeks!

Stephen is still working HARD and I am still staying home and chasing kiddos all day. I am going to be blogging a little more now that we have another Little Bean on the way. I will blog about our birthing plans, and of course, once the baby comes, another birth story! Those seem to be the favorite posts!!



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Congrats! That's wonderful news! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and new addition!