Saturday, July 27, 2013

LIttle Mister's birth story.

**this story has been the hardest for me to tell. It was the perfect birth, but for some reason the words are not coming to me**

We have had the birth pool blown up and everything set up in the basement for a few weeks. Waiting on the arrival of our last child. A little boy. A planned home birth. Excitement and fear. Anticipation. Readiness.

7/17/2013 5:30 am

Still 5-6 days away from when I thought this baby was going to be born, I was woken up with contractions. I could tell the intensity had changed from the regular Braxton Hicks contractions that had plagued me for the past few weeks. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to pee. I paced back and forth wondering if this was "it" or just more practice contractions. I decided to start timing them to see what they were doing, but I assumed that they would stop and I could go back to bed. They were coming consistently every 4 minutes lasting about 50 seconds each. I timed a few and decided to fill the bath tub and get in to see if they would stop. I went back and forth with this decision, because I was scared if they were real, that the baby could be born in the tub like Little Miracle was, and also if they were real, I would need the hot water to fill the birth pool in the basement. But I threw caution to the wind, assumed they were practice contractions, and got into the tub.

6:45 am

They kept coming every 4 minutes. Knowing the kids would be up soon, I woke Stephen up around and told him something was up. I was still unsure if I was in labor or not but I wanted him to know what was going on. I got out of the tub and decided to call my midwife to let her know what was going on, and since I deliver so fast, she decided to head my way.

7:00 am

The boys woke up and I stopped timing contractions and went into mommy mode. Boys had to eat breakfast. I called my mom to give her a heads up that she may need to come help with the kids. I also texted a friend to see if she could take the kids to vacation Bible school for me since I was unsure what was going on. My friend said she would take them for me, so I made them get dressed. I ate a banana and some peanuts. At one point I ran upstairs to get something. I was going back and forth as to if I should fill the pool or not, but I had a contraction in the middle of the stairs that stopped me in my tracks so I decided to start filling the pool. I went into the basement and lined the pool and started the hose to fill it.

7:30 am

My midwife arrived. A very welcome sight. She brought in her equipment and started setting it all up in the basement. She noticed my contractions and said I was coping well still. I told her that I was this way until just before Little Miss was born.

8 am

My midwife asked if I wanted to be checked. I wanted to, partly because I was still not sure if I was actually in labor. We went upstairs to my bed and she checked me. 100% effaced and 8 cms. I was in labor! We were going to have a baby that day! I came down stairs and told Stephen that baby was coming!

At some point my friend showed up and got the kids out the door. I told them that their brother was coming and I would see them after VBS. I called my mom again and told her that the kids were taken care of so she did not have to worry about coming to watch them. She asked me if she could still come over, and I said sure! After I got off the phone with mom, I went to the basement and got into the pool.

8:30 am

The warm water was so nice and the atmosphere was perfect. The lights were dimmed, candles lit, curtains opened to let the morning sun in. Affirmations hung on the walls with drawings that the other kids had made for this baby. Stephen got some music playing quietly and I had a few contractions while in the water. Everything was so nice. The contractions were still not too strong, and I was feeling great. Very relaxed.

My mom got there and joined us in the basement. Contractions started to pick up. Still not too bad, but I leaned on the side of the pool into Stephens arms to breathe thru them. I was so thirsty and kept asking for my water to drink. Stephen had to run upstairs to get me a straw, and my mom stepped in and held onto me thru a contraction.

My contractions were getting very strong and harder to breathe thru. I could tell he was coming soon. I was on my hands and knees in the water breathing and mooning thru them. I started to feel pushy, and went with what my body was telling me to do.

8:54 am

I started pushing. I remember the break between contractions being so nice. I pushed thru about 3 contractions and felt my water break. I knew he was almost here. The next contraction his head come out, and the next thing I know my midwife is telling me that he was coming under me and to bring him up to me. I looked down and he was in the water! I grabbed him and pulled him up to my chest, flipping from my hands and knees and into a sitting position.

I looked at him. He looked JUST like my father in law and had a FULL head of hair! He was beautiful. Born at 9:01.

The next few minutes were spent snuggling, loving and staring at him. I got him to nurse and delivered the placenta. After that, I got out of the tub and went upstairs to my bed. The midwife had filled my bathtub upstairs with an herbal bath so we climbed in. He nursed some more and even pooped on me. Several times.

My midwifes apprentice cooked Stephen and I breakfast, so when I got out of the tub I crawled into bed and ate eggs, toast and fruit. So nice to eat right after having a baby. As I was eating they weighed him. 8 lbs 10 ounces!! I was in shock! My biggest baby was 8 lbs 3 ozs, and the boys were both 7 lbs 5 ozs so I did not expect this baby to be that big.

After he was weighed, he was brought to me and they did the newborn exam while he was laying on my chest. Everything was perfect. 10 fingers and 10 toes (and a LOT more things checked). After that, my minor tear was sewn up (he was born with a hand at his face) and we were tucked into bed. My midwife and her apprentices cleaned up and left. It was SO nice to be home and in MY bed.

12:30 pm

The kids came home shortly after the midwife left. They were in love with their brother as soon as they saw him.

His birth was everything I have wanted in the last 3 births. Everything I searched and researched for. It was.... perfect.

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