Thursday, August 6, 2009

SO Sick of The House Crap!

Ok. Time for you all to know whats going on with this house!!

We put in the offer in what, April, maybe early May? Well, between then and a few days ago, the process was crawling. We are eligible for a grant from the State of Georgia, since the house we picked was a foreclosure. We got all of our paperwork turned in in May. In June, my husband went to a home buyers class that was required for the grant. We were supposed to close in late June.

A few days before our first closing date we got a phone call from our lender, saying the grant money was not in yet. From there, it all went downhill. We found out that it had not even gone to underwriting yet, our lender had not locked in our interest rate, and that this was going to take longer than we thought. We fought and fought to get it to underwriting, and fought to get our interest rate back down. In late July, the underwriters told us what they needed from us, and we got it turned in the next day. A few days later we heard from our lender that the underwriting was complete, and we should be closing in mid-August!

Fast forward to yesterday. We get a call from our lender saying that our underwriters were shut down by the federal government. Apparently they were not turning in what they needed to, and fraud is suspected. So all the loans that were not closed yet are in limbo now.

We have no idea what is going to happen. Our lender is looking to find a new underwriter, and she says that someone is already looking at it. We shall see. We have also found out that since this process started, my husbands credit has gone down by over 70 points from all the inquiries to our credit, and an error. We have fixed the error, but it takes 30 days for it to be reported.

We are thinking that if this falls thru, we will just find a new house and go with our bank since we know they are not going anywhere! We have to get my husbands credit score back up before we can do that though. We called everyone on our report today to see if they can update it today, instead of at the end of the month, so we again will see.

So for now we are still homeless. We are staying with my sister, who has 3 kids, so its a full house!

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Ria said...

Oh my. That's terrible that you're in limbo thanks to that possibly fraudulent underwriter. I hope things get better for your family. Hang in there!