Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Updates on Us

I realized today that with all the posts about Little Miracles health concerns, that I have not updated everyone on us in a while.

Little Man is growing like a weed. He is almost 22 months. He is OBSESSED with trains. We are going to have his 2nd birthday party somewhere with trains, and we are going to do his room in the house in trains. He is talking more and more, and it is fun to see what his newest words are! He pulls some out I didn't know he knew! We have made lots of new friends since we moved.

Stephen is working a lot. He has put one person in the Army National Guard so far. They are being very picky because they are full, so people get sent home from processing for various reasons.

I am doing ok. Really stressed out. We still have not closed on the house (almost 4 months after we put in the offer). Don't ask why, because we don't even know. We are getting the run around from our lender and we are frankly very tired of dealing with it. So tired, that we are about to say forget it to the whole thing and just get an apartment for now. We have had 3 closing dates, and all 3 have come and gone. We have our 4th now, and I pray that we finally close on the house. We have to get out of the house we are renting by tomorrow, so we are going to stay with my sister for a few weeks. No apartments up here rent monthly, and the extended stay hotels were just not going to work for me.

I found a GREAT play group up here. My ladies have been such a great support to me during all of this! We have play dates several times a week, and have moms nights out often. It is nice to get out of the house without kiddos!

That is our lives in a nutshell right now. Please say some prayers that we will close on our house soon!

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