Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Anonymous Comment Poster

Dear Anonymous Comment Poster,

Please stop trying to post negative comments on my blog. I will not publish them. Also, please learn to speak proper English in your comments. "Aint" is not a word, and "kelpt" is not the proper spelling of kept.

My child did not get sick from playing in the puddles 7 months ago, nor has he gotten sick from puddle jumping the billion times we have done it since then.

If you have something negative to say, then step out from your "Anonymous" covering and say it to my face.

Thank you.


Meghan Cooper said...

ok ok I'm sorry I'll stop! j/k it's not me!

Amy Curtis said...

LOL!! Nice. Trolls are fun.

Gabriele said...

LOL seriously?! You better watch out...all that puddle jumping and someone might call CPS on you LOL!!!
L has been puddle jumping for ages and has never gotten sick :) People need to get a life!

SouthernMama said...

Speaking of puddle jumping, which we love to do with no negative affects, check out this cute blog with puddle pics.