Monday, November 2, 2009

Life Got Busy...

Ok. So.... life got busy.

We closed on our house September 30th. The movers came the first week of October with all of our stuff. It was so nice to see our stuff again! Its amazing how little you can live on, but in 6 months, you being to miss your stuff. They set the big stuff up for us, and had all the boxes in the rooms they belonged in.

I started unpacking as soon as the movers left. The living room was first on my list. Then the play room and kitchen. Little Man played in his play room for HOURS while I unpacked the kitchen. He had not seen half of those toys in 6 months, so he thought they were all new.

I have slowly gotten most stuff unpacked. I still have to work on Little Mans room, but the nursery is done. For now, he is staying put there!

We found several unexpected things in the house. Gotta love a house that was empty for two years! We found mold in the basement, that had not been there a few days before we closed. Stephen had to rip up all the carpet from the basement, and then we noticed water coming in from the foundation. Stephen dug up the gutter pipe, and it had a split in it. So that was fixed. THEN he was down there making sure we were not getting water in and noticed sewage backing up into the shower and toilet. Thankfully it was in the basement, and we had nothing down there. The water company people came out and put a camera in the sewer pipe, and we have tree roots growing through them. OH the joys of home ownership!

We also found when replacing ceiling fans that none of the ceiling fan boxes were actual "fan" boxes. They were the plastic, "not for ceiling fan use" boxes. Also, they are not properly braced. Its amazing that the fans that were up lasted this long! We are still working on bracing the new boxes so I can install the fans.

We got the trees cut down that we wanted to, got the whole house re-piped (had old pipes that were the kind that are known to break), hot water heater replaced, new appliances in the kitchen, and just bought the paint for Little Mans room. Right now it is a beautiful shade of Pepto Bismol... you know that pink stuff! It will shortly be a shade of blue!

We still have a ton of work we want to / need to do to the house, so it will be a work in progress for many years to come.

My pregnancy is progressing well. I switched to a new doctors office for my pregnancy. It is the only midwife practice in Georgia. Meaning, the midwife is the boss, and the doctor works for her. All of the other midwifes in this state work under doctors, and he has the final say. I am very excited to be using them! They are awesome with natural births, and have been doing water births for years.

Now begins the waiting game. I am 35.2 weeks pregnant. I had my first son at 39 weeks, so there is a good possibility that Little Miracle will come early too. My midwife today said there is a possibility that I could have a baby this month! ACK, I am NOT ready!! I feel pretty good, but I do have that "end of pregnancy" tireds that every mom to be gets, and chasing a toddler around all day does not help that.

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Hydrant girl said...

yaaa for getting all your stuff! Congrats.