Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Hate Dogs

It's official. I hate dogs.

We had the scariest event with Little Man yesterday. It had to be the closest he has ever come to being severely hurt. I am blogging about this more to get the thoughts in my head out, because I am still upset about this. Let me start by saying that everyone is OK, so don't freak out!

It was a beautiful day again yesterday so we decided to go on a walk with Daddy. Little Miracle was asleep in his wrap snuggled up next to me. Little Man was walking ahead of us, as usual, but only by about 5 steps. He was kicking rocks, picking up pine cones and just all around being a kid. We were towards the front of our neighborhood which is the turn around point of our walk.

All of a sudden we both hear a dog barking. Not like a "hey, who are you, come play with me" bark, but a "you are in my space, and you need to GO!" bark. Stephen and I look up towards Little Man and that's when we see the dog running out of the house, charging at him. I don't know dogs, so I don't know what kind of dog it was, but it was as tall as Little Man. Running full speed towards him.

My heart skipped a beat. My brain started panicking. This dog is about to eat my child. I did all I knew to do. I screamed at the top of my lungs, as loud as possible, at the dog. Stephen started running towards it. It all happened so fast, but the dog stopped.

Stopped charging.

Stopped barking.

Stopped INCHES from Little Mans face.

The owner of the dog came out from the front door to see what was happening. Little Man started screaming. Little Miracle woke up and started crying. The dog took off for his owner as Stephen scooped up Little Man in his arms and started consoling him. The owner of the dog told us his dog is very protective and he apologized profusely for scaring Little Man.

Once I realized that Little Man was OK I got upset.

I was shaking and about to cry. I was so thankful that Little Man was OK. I can not stop thinking about the "what ifs". That dog would have torn him to pieces. He was face to face with Little Man. The brunt of the attack would have been on my precious child's face and possible his neck. This dog could have killed my child! Stephen had already pulled out his knife in preparation to get the dog off of Little Man. I had started running towards the dog to try to ward off the attack. We were both doing all we knew to do.

We quickly headed home to shake it off. When we put Little Man to bed he did not seem phased by it but I had a hard time sleeping. I got to thinking that this was the first time I saw that I would do anything for my child. I always knew I would, but I actually SAW it yesterday. I was prepared to jump on the dog, or jump in front of Little Man if I had the chance. Let the dog bite me instead of my child. I saw it in Stephen too. He was just as prepared as I was to take care of Little Man and to stop the dog.

Thank God we did not have to do anything.



TeamOSM said...

omg, this made me cry. Being a mom has turned me into a leaky faucet!! Glad to hear everyone is okay, but whew...scary!

the grumbles said...

what is wrong with people!?!? we have two dogs and it is totally NOT APPROPRIATE to let them run around unsupervised scaring strangers. they need a fence or a leash. (plus, my dogs would have kissed your boy into giggles BUT i also wouldn't even let them run like crazy up to someone's kids! AH!)