Friday, October 29, 2010

The Funk Continues

I am still in my funk. I really hope to get out of it soon. My house is starting to look like a war zone. Laundry spewed from the dryer, kids toys scattered about on the floor. But I have somewhat of an excuse.

Wednesday night Little Man woke us up screaming that his ears hurt. Nice. He proceeded to wake us up every 45-60 minutes even after the maximum dose of Tylenol was given. Poor thing was S-I-C-K. He never gets sick! He has had 2 ear infections and 2 cases of strep in his 3 years of life, which is pretty good for a toddler these days!

I carried him to the pediatrician on Thursday morning and he has bilateral ear infections. I went ahead and got Little Miracle checked out too since we were there, and he just has a cold. Top that off with my cold, and we are in hell over here.

Thursday was spent sleeping and cuddling with my Little Man and today I got some laundry done, but no where near as much as I needed to. I just don't have the energy.

I'm complaining. Yes, I know.


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