Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

Interesting week...

Hubby is in DC with work, so I made a road trip up to Atlanta to visit family and friends. Little did I know that we would be told to move while I was up here. Let me backtrack.

My husband is in the military. He does administration for the recruiters, and the kids going to basic training and such. He does pay, bonuses, makes sure these kids ship to basic. He has been on orders to do this job for almost a year and a half. Well, his orders were supposed to end in September, but they are always for one year, so no worries.

Last month, his orders were cut to end in March. He talked to his boss and asked about his job, and if he is safe. His boss said it was fully funded, to not worry.

Fast-forward to yesterday. His boss called him, while he is in DC for work, and told him that his job is ending the end of March. His boss is a great man, and knows that we have family in the Atlanta area, so he found him a job up there, but he needed an answer yesterday. Not a decision you want to make in a different state than your spouse, with less than 24 hours to decide.

So after talking it over, and weighing our options (he was a police officer before he took the Army job, so he can go back there) we have decided to move to Atlanta. As soon as we get back in town, we have to call the movers and set it all up. We will be moving in 2-3 weeks. Talk about yanking the rug out from under me!

We have a great house up here to rent, so housing is not a problem.

Praise God that we have a job and a house in this economy!

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