Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

So I just got my computer back. I did well with out it. I stayed busy!! Let me just say in the past 5 days we have a new baby on the way, a move date set up and an offer put in to buy our first house.

Tuesday I had my 6 week ultrasound. GREAT NEWS... it is a BABY! No molar tissue this time! And we got to see the heartbeat. It was beating at 112 beats per minute. I am going back for another ultrasound at 8 weeks to make sure Little Miracle is growing as s/he should.

We left for Atlanta that night, to start setting things up. My husband had his in-processing on Thursday for his new job. We also set up our move date. THIS WEDNESDAY!! WOW. That was fast! That's the military life for you. You wait around all month for the in-process, then you get it, and move in a few days.

We also decided it was time to become home owners! We got pre-approved for a loan, so we started looking. We found a great house and put in an offer today. We will see if we get it!

That's about all the updates. I will be back later with pictures. I have over 500 on my camera that needs to be uploaded and edited... so it may be a while!


hydrantgirl said...

Awesome news - all of it! Congrats.

Courtney M Hall said...

hey lisa, it is so amazing how god is working in your life, and even though i am going to miss the best little man ever, i will still make trips to come see yall as yall will do the same. i love yall. and have fun in ATL and best of wishes on your first home. and i am so excited for you that the molar stuff is gone. but now its a baby. maybe another little man, but maybe its a princess. haha. well i guess i will talk to you later. i love yall.