Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Review

Saturday Stephen had drill. I despise drill weekends because it means I have all three kids by myself all weekend. It makes for a LONG weekend.

My mom came over on Saturday and helped me with the kiddos. Stephens mom was also at our house off and on thru out the day. It was very nice having both Grandmothers to help with the kiddos.

Sunday was church. I started back working in the nursery for the second service. I was working it when I was pregnant, but it got to be too hard for me to get up and down off the floor and I knew I would take a break when Little Miss was born, so I stopped in July. It was very nice to get back to the nursery and the little kids I have missed so much!

After church I picked up Stephen from drill and we headed out to Norcross for the Labor Of Love reunion picnic. Labor of Love is the doula and child birth educators we used for Little Miracle and Little Miss. They have an annual reunion for all of their current and past clients. It was nice to see some of the ladies that I took my child birth classes with and also to see our doula and child birth educator.

The boys had a blast playing on the play ground while Little Miss and I ate and chatted. When we got home, I went to get Little Man out of the car seat and noticed what I thought was dirt on his forehead. I went to wipe it off, and it was not dirt, it was a bruise! He BUSTED (hard enough for a LARGE goose egg on his forehead and a nasty bruise) his head while playing and did not even flinch! I did not know he hit his head until we got home, over an hour later! Needless to say, he is fine.

Monday was back to preschool for Little Man and back to the daily grind for me.

Tuesday was appointments for Little Man and Little Miss. Little Man had his 4 year check up. He is 43 pounds and 42 inches tall. Perfectly healthy and growing like he should. Little Miss is 11.12 pounds. This blows my mind. I looked back and Little Man was 11.5 pounds at 4 months, Little Miracle was 12.6 pounds at 4 months.

She is a big baby. Little Man at 2 months was in the 4th percentile for his weight, Little Miracle was in the 5th. Little Miss at 2 months is in the 71st. Shes perfectly healthy though, just big. I am not used to a big baby, but I have always wanted a chunky baby, looks like I finally got it!

Wednesday was school again for Little Man and then AWANA. It was store night. At AWANA they earn "bucks" for things like attendance, wearing their vest, saying their verse and bringing their Bible. Little Man had 32 AWANA bucks. He bought a Cars ping pong game and two Veggie Tales CDs for the car. He also saved some of his bucks for the next store night.

Thursday was another chill out day at home. I started a fire in the fire place because it was overcast and quite chilly for Atlanta.

Little Miss laughed for the first time Thursday night. She was smiley and trying to poop, so I made up a silly cheer about poop, and she laughed! I find this really funny since Little Man laughed for the first time with poop also. What is it with my kids and poop?

Friday, well, its Friday morning right now. I haven't done much. Little Man is at school and Stephen is working a half day. We will see what trouble we get into tonight!

See ya next week!


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