Friday, January 16, 2009

What Is Up With My Child?

I think my son hates his forehead! If you remember, about a month ago, he bit the pavement when out with daddy, and scratched up his forehead.

Well, today, he was running around as usual, and tripped RIGHT at the coffee table. Now, I know they sell those things to "pad" the coffee table corners, just for things like this, but you know, I thought they were not needed. I mean, I watch my child. Hes never left unsupervisied, so I thought this would not happen! Boy I was wrong.

His forehead met the coffee table corner, and they did not get along! He bled for quite a bit, which I know is normal for head cuts. He cried for a minute, and when I was applying pressure on it, he kept squirming. It finally stopped bleeding and I got this picture.


He's playing now, fine. Running around again already.

I think my head hurts more than his does!


2 cruisers said...

Oh baby boy .... I'm hurting too ... yes, please do pad that coffee table, it scares me now that he is so active. That's pad the entire table. Call me when you get a chance

Anonymous said... head hurts from just looking at it..and you can not protect them 365 per 24 hours..we all know can make your home a bubble and they will still find a way..your doing great..but ouch..