Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Gender Games and An Update

Ok. Since having fun with the Draino and Walgreens test yesterday (which is IntelliGender, in case you were wondering, CVS and Walgreens sells it, and you can get it online(oh- and I got a response to my email from them, they read that as BOY also)) I decided to look into all the other tests and tales. Here they are.

The Ring Test: Take a strand of hair, and thread it thru your wedding band. Hold it above your stomach and if goes back and forth, it is a boy, if it goes in circles, it is a girl.

Mine went side to side, stating it is a BOY.

Where the baby kicks: If the baby kicks more to the right, it is a boy. If the baby kicks more to the left, it is a girl.

This baby kicks my right side more, meaning it is a BOY.

Linea Nigera: If you get this annoying dark line from your belly button down, it is a boy. If you do not get the line, it is a girl.

No line this time, meaning it is a GIRL. (I did have the line with Little Man)

Heartbeat: If the baby's heartbeat is 130 or higher, it is a girl. If it is less than 130, it is a boy.

Always in the 140s, so GIRL

Cravings: If you crave sweets, it is a boy. If you crave more sour things, it is a girl.

Gimme my limes!! GIRL

Color of your urine: If it is neon yellow, it is a boy. If it is dull yellow, it is a girl.

BOY (Was true with Little Man)

Chinese Lunar Calendar: Takes your age at conception, and the month of conception, to tell you what you are having.

According to them, BOY

Old Wives Tale Test: Take the test, and they will tell you what you are having

According to them, 71% chance of BOY

Madame Zaritska:- A fun website that predicts the gender.
"The day you deliver, outside will be hot. Your baby will arrive in the late afternoon. After a labor lasting approximately 9 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 12 pounds, 14 ounces, and will be 21 inches long. This child will have dark violet eyes and a lot of brown hair. "

GIRL (lets hope she is wrong on the 12 lber!!)

Now if you were keeping count, that is 5 BOY and 4 GIRL.

We shall see in almost 6 hours. I decided to find out earlier than my 19 week appointment partially because I am so impatient, and partially because I want my focus to be solely on Little Miracle's health at that appointment. I don't want to go into the appointment wondering what we are having.

Now that all the fun is over, onto an update. We should be closing on Friday on our first home! The lender messed up our interest rate, but she is working hard to get it back to where it should be. We have had plumbers, termite people, tree removers, appraisers and inspectors all at the house in the last few weeks. It has been fun. We can't wait to get in it and make it our home!

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