Thursday, June 11, 2009


I emailed the "molar God" as he is known. It is a OB/GYN doctor up in Boston, that specializes in molar pregnancies, and is very willing to talk to people who are not even his patients via email. I wanted to know if there was any possibility of a link between the molar pregnancy I had in December, and the possibility that Little Miracle has Down Syndrome.

He said that he sees no link in the two! So no matter what the outcome is, I know it is nothing I did. I know it is nothing I did anyway, but it made me wonder if I was cleared too soon to try again, or if I got pregnant too soon after the molar.

It makes me feel a lot better.


Riley, Connor, and Beth said...

That's great news Lisa and I'm so glad that it makes you feel a little better!

Stephanie Kizer said...

Hey Lisa, I just wanted to comment on all your posts. I think you are being very strong :) You're baby, your Little Miracle is going to be a great blessing to your family. Down Syndrome or not...I have to say though that the people I've met with DS are some of the most loving, sympethtic, empathetic, generous people God has blessed this world with. I'm praying for a healthy baby for you guys and that your pregnancy continues to go smoothly :)