Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life With Three Kids

Life with three kids... its going good so far!

Little Miss is a very chill baby. Unlike Little Miracle was. Little Miracle screamed non-stop for the first, oh- 3 months? He is still a very opinionated child,and like his mama in that he knows what he wants and he wants it N.O.W.

Little Miss is content sitting in your lap, or in her swing, or laying on the floor. When she is done, she lets out a little fuss, and that's it. She sleeps most of the day still, and already gives us a 3 hour block of sleep at night. She nurses like a champ and goes right back to sleep.

Little Man is doing great with "his baby". He LOVES to hold her, wants to help with diapers, and is always hugging and kissing on her. I am thinking about signing him up for a church preschool so he can get to interact more with kids his age, since we don't get out much right now. I know we will get back to play dates and outings, I am just not sure when. Plus, preschool will do him some good!

Little Miracle is not too sure about Little Miss. I finally got him to hold her the other day, oh-my-goodess, the cuteness. He ignores her most of the time. Until she cries. Then he will tell me her name, and say "cry". Or if she is sleeping. It's her name, then "sleep". Then he shushes me. Finger to the lips and all.

We started the boys in AWANA last week. Little Man LOVES it. He proudly walks into his class and says his bible verse from the previous week. Last weeks was 1 John 4:10. When he told me the verse, I then asked him where it was found. He, in his smart ways, said "the Bible"... well, yes, but not the answer I was looking for, but how do you argue with that?

Little Miracle, on the other hand, screams during his class. Not just at drop off, the. entire. time. The first week he was screaming on the playground when I finally rescued him. He screamed thru play time inside, screamed outside on the playground, and even screamed thru snack time of a banana and cookie. This week was the same. He is fine if I stay in his class. Next week the teacher has told me to just drop him and go. She apparently has a child with his personality, and is ok working with him to stop fussing. He is almost 2 so he knows if he fusses long enough Mama will come rescue him, which I will.

Little Miss stays with me during AWANA. Shes way too little to be in a class room and around other kids.

Stephen went back to work full time this week. Life at home with three is not too bad. I hit the wall of exhaustion around 3:30 and that's when we all lay on the floor and read books, or pop in a movie. Then Daddy comes home and rescues me!

Stephen and I are not sure if we are done having kids or not. We will make this decision over the next year or so. Meanwhile, we are both savoring Little Miss and all she does, since she may be our last baby.


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