Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas fun

I can't believe the holidays are over! They went well! My In-Laws came in for a few days, then my mom and her hubby came for a few days. I cooked a ham, green bean casserole, yams, stuffing... all the good stuff! We went to a Christmas Eve service, and went to look at the Christmas lights around town. All in all it was a good Christmas.

We got the decorations put away today, and in the spirit of looking forward, I applied to my local college. I have a lot of hours already completed, but decided a few years back that I wanted to be a nurse. It was actually my first choice, and I changed my major a few times. My goal now is to work in labor and delivery and be a lactation consultant. I am a little nervous about going back to school with a child, but I am sure it will be fun! Maybe I will even get to take a photography class or two!

I have my next doctors appointment Monday. Anxious to see where my numbers will be!

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