Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sad World We Live In....

So we live in a very gang infested town. It is a rough town. But the east side of town is where most of the crime happens.

Not today. My husband and I were at a local bar and grill watching The Bears game. We noticed a ton of activity (police cars, ambulances, etc...) acoss the street at a grocery store.

Come to find out, it was a murder suscide! At 1 pm on Sunday, at a grocery store in the nice part of our town!!

Aparently two men were fighting for a while. Well, one goes to the store to get some stuff and the other guy was following him. So the one guy is in the checkout lane, and the other guy comes in, shoots him twice in the chest- killing him- then the shooter walks outside and shoots himself- killing himself.

How scary todays world is! When you can't even grocery shop without the fear of being shot! And you can't even eat without seeing the aftermath!

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