Thursday, December 18, 2008

Post-Op Appointment.

I had my post-op appointment today. So far all is well. We got a copy of the pathology report, which says they found “blood clot and decidua with admixed chorionic villi showing extensive hydropic degeneration. Note: The histologic features noted may be seen in partial hydatidiform mole” Ok, say what?? That’s what I said, so I turned to my good friend Google, and basically they found a blood clot, and the lining of the uterus mixed with placenta tissue, showing extensive fluid filled sacs.... which is seen in molar pregnancies. They are saying it’s consistent with partial molar pregnancies, but I still think mine was complete, because of the ultrasound. From what I found, the genetic make up is the only way to know for sure if it was a partial or complete, and they did not do genetic testing. From talking to people online that have gone thru this, all of the partial molar pregnancies saw the baby at 8-10 weeks with a good heartbeat, and then started bleeding around 12-16 and ended up miscarrying the child. We saw nothing baby related on the ultrasound, which is another reason I think mine was complete.

My doctor is letting me use a method of birth control known as natural family planning. Its basically where you don’t take anything, just monitor your cycle, and use protection around your ovulation days. I already monitor my cycle from trying to get pregnant, so that should be no problem. I just did not want to start taking birth control, just to have to stop when we are cleared to try again. The doctor did not mention how long we would have to wait until we can try again, but did say I needed to be zero for a few cycles. I have been doing research, and it looks like if your hCG levels drop to zero within 6 weeks of the D&C then you can try again after 3 months of zero. So I am hoping my doctor will follow this new research.

My lung x-ray was clear, which is great news, and the pathology report said that no abnormalities were found, so it was not cancer yet. My hCG was 55,195 on the day of the D&C and 535.24 today, so they have already dropped a ton! Of course, when you take out what is making that hormone, it’s going to drop a ton. He said it was such a good drop, he will see me again in 2 weeks for another blood draw. Im optimistic with the large drop, but I know it could still take a few months to get down to zero.

I am feeling a little better after this appointment, knowing my hCG was not too high to start with, so I don’t have as far to go.

In other news, little man took a tumble yesterday. He was out with daddy while I was enjoying a mom’s night out. He was walking outside, and tripped. His nose and forehead are all scratched up. He is not in pain from it, just looks painful! Here is a picture for ya...


Thanks for riding this crazy train with me. I hope my numbers keep dropping, and I can get off soon!


Veronica Lee said...

Just stopping by your blog to say Hi!. Great blog. I'm a SAHM from Malaysia.

Lisa Wipp said...

Hey Lisa...I'm the other Lisa from the molar board. I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. I truly am sorry that you are no longer comfortable posting to our board as all we want to do is help, but I understand your reasonings. It can be hard seeing others be where you want to be. If you ever want to post again, please do. You are welcome. Also, if you just want to start a new post on your own with questions please do! Many of the girls follow the other posts and will be able to answer your questions. That way you won't have to read about everyone else's goings-on. I'm praying your numbers continue to drop rapidly and that you soon you'll be "in the wait."

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say I am sorry for what you are going through. I was there last Christmas. I was given a 12 month wait. It is so hard and no one really understands how hard it is.

I agree with you that it sounds like a complete molar to me. I had 2 complete molars and both times it looked like an empty sac.

Neither of mine were recognized as a molar on sono until a 2nd sono between 11-14 weeks.