Saturday, November 21, 2009

As Ready As I Am Gonna Be

38 weeks.WOW. If Little Miracle is anything like his older brother, he will be here soon. Little Man was born at 39 weeks on the nose. Kinda surreal to think this time next week I could be a mom to two!

This week I have done TONS around the house. I have mad nesting skills and that burst of energy you get at the end of pregnancy that allows you to get things done.

Little Mans room in the new house was pink. Pepto Bistmol pink. Like someone opened bottles of the stuff and threw them in the room. Not just the walls either, the trim, baseboards, windows, shutters and closet doors! This had to go this week. I painted it blue. Little boy blue. That pretty shade of bright blue. Not baby blue but bright, toddler blue.

Today, with Stephens help, we got his room cleaned out. It was the catch all room from moving. You know, a room that everything that you have no idea where it goes, goes? I found a dresser on Freecycle, and we repainted it white and made the blue knobs red to match his shelves that I painted.

When Little Man was sleeping we cleaned out the room, and when he woke up, we hung shelves and moved his bed in. He is now officially out of the nursery! Little Miracle wont be in the nursery for a while because we co-sleep for at least the first 6 months, but Little Mans bed was in the nursery, and was blocking the closet!

Here is his room. It is a crappy cell phone picture. I will try to get a better picture soon. See the painting on the wall? I did that! It has his name in red letters in the grass of the painting too. (photoshoped that out)

And his dresser. It was already white, just was really beaten up, and had blue knobs.

Again, sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures.

38 weeks. Did I say that already? I still can not believe it. Stephen works Monday and Tuesday of this coming week, then Monday of the following week, then is off till mid- December. I am hoping Little Miracle holds on until December, but I really want to meet him!