Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite days of the year. Now that I have kids, it is even more fun!

I started the search for costumes a few weeks ago. I waited till after Little Mans second birthday, which is just three weeks before Halloween. I looked everywhere and had no idea what I wanted him to be. He has no favorite characters, because he does not watch much tv.

I LOVE to dress up too, so I was trying to find something for both of us to be. I finally convinced Stephen to dress up too, so it made it even more fun, looking for costumes for all three of us! Everywhere I looked had something for Stephen and I, but not Little Man, or had a toddler costume, but not adult ones. I looked at every character!

I finally found the CUTEST Tin Man from Wizard of Oz for Little Man. I looked around and ended up at another store and found the Scare Crow for Stephen, and Dorothy for me. Now came the fun part, would the costume fit over my 9 month pregnant belly? I tried it on in the store, and it did, so we were set! I also found some kick-butt shoes! They were about 3 inch platform heels in glittery red. (Yes, my 9 month pregnant butt wore 3 inch platform heels for most of the day. I did have tennis shoes I put on for a little bit too)

We got all dressed up Saturday morning to go to a local square for trick-or-treating at the businesses. We had a long day of fun planned, but the weather did not want to cooperate. We got to the square and it was drizzling. Not too bad, but half of the businesses were not doing the trick-or-treating. We decided went to most of the stores then decided to eat lunch down there.

After lunch we headed home to let Little Man nap. It was already 2 hours past his usual nap time, so he did not want to sleep. He played in his crib for almost an hour before he passed out.

We had to wake him up about 30 minutes after he fell asleep to head out to another town square for their kids fest. We got back in costume, and headed out. The rain had finally stopped, so we thought it was going to turn into a good night. We met some friends at the square and let Little Man play the games and get candy. Right as we went to get some dinner there, it started raining again. We piled into a tent they had set up there and waited the weather out.

While we were in the tent, one of the people in charge of the kids fest asked us if we had entered into the costume contest. We said no, and she asked us for our names so she could enter us. A few minutes later they were calling us to the stage. We won!! We won "best costume". Little Man LOVES his trophy!

After that we decided that the weather was not going to let us trick-or-treat too well, so we would head to the mall because they were having trick-or-treating there too. We got to the mall, and it was PACKED. The adults all went to get coffee, then we started going to the stores, only to find that NONE of them had candy left!!

At this point it was getting late, and we were all getting tired of trying to trick-or-treat. We all decided that we would skip trying our neighborhood and just head to Walmart to buy candy!

Five adults and three toddlers headed to Walmart to buy Halloween candy and beer! After Walmart, everyone headed to my house to open up our candy bags, switch some around, and enjoy the night. We put Little Man to bed, and the other two toddlers played downstairs. They have later bedtimes than Little Man, and by then he was SO tired from his short nap.

All in all it ended up being a good night. I am glad Little Man is not old enough to understand that he did not get to trick-or-treat. I make him say "trick-or-treat" when he wants a piece of his Halloween candy, and he says it like "treat-treat". Then he says "thank-you" and eats his candy.

Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate with us!

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