Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving, Christmas Decor and Playing In The Leaves

We had a great Thanksgiving again this year. I was worried that I was going to go into labor and miss the turkey, but that did not happen.

We had a lazy morning around the house. After Little Mans nap, we headed to my moms for dinner. Little Man and Gram (my mom) played for a while when Grandpa (my moms husband) was finishing up dinner. Stephen was watching the football games and I was between the games and Little Man.

Dinner was AWESOME! Grandpa made turkey, stuffing, asparagus, spinach casserole, sweet potato casserole and two pies. Did I remember it all?

After dinner, we played some more, and I installed Little Mans extra car seat in my moms car for when we are at the hospital with Little Miracle.

I am a firm believer that Christmas decorations should not go up until after Thanksgiving. Actually, they should not go up until after my birthday, which is December 4th. We decided this year, that with Little Miracle coming any day now, we should put up the tree after Thanksgiving, and before my birthday.

So when Little Man was napping, we pulled out the tree. He woke up shortly after we got it up, and decided to help daddy fluff it.


I decided to only do tinsel this year, we have a pre-lit tree so there is lights, but no ornaments this year. All of mine are sentimental to me, and with a toddler around, and a newborn almost here, I thought it best they all stay in the box!

Little Man LOVES to point out the tree to us. He points to the lights, and to the star on top.

This afternoon, we decided to start on some outside lights. Stephen wanted to get rid of all the leaves in our front yard while I was putting lights around the bushes and garage doors. Little Man LOVES to act just like daddy, and had to help. Well, we have two blowers, so he grabbed the one that was not plugged in and helped!


After they blew the leaves into a pile, Daddy showed Little Man how to jump in the pile of leaves. Oh My he had so much fun playing in the leaves!! I did not get any pictures of that, I wish I would have!

Little Man is still loving his room, but he has found his freedom from not being in the crib. He likes to read now during his nap time, instead of sleeping. He has skipped his nap for 4 days now. I hope he is not giving it up! Mommy still needs her quiet time! He likes to read a book, then push it out of his door. This is what I see when his "quiet time" is over.


See the shadow at the bottom of the picture? Yeah, that's a shadow of my massive belly...

Well, today Little Man played for almost 2 hours in his room. He got quiet 10 minutes before his "quiet time" was up. We went up to check on him, and sure enough, he was passed out! But, not in his bed... RIGHT behind the door. I had to put just the camera in the door to get this picture. Silly Man....


We are at 39 weeks with Little Miracle now. Officially the longest I have ever been pregnant. Little Man was born at 39 weeks, so I was halfway hoping Little Miracle would follow in his footsteps. I really want him to come in December though, so a few more days and he is really good to go!

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Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I love the belly shadow!

We did that--no ornaments--the year I had the twins. I think we put a couple of non-breakable ones on the bottom so my two year old could decorate a little though.