Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Changes

With a new baby coming soon, I knew it was inevitable that Little Man gets out of the crib. I was in no rush, since Little Miracle will sleep with us for at least the first 6 months, but I knew I needed to either find a toddler bed or find some kids sheets for the double we have.

Well, the other day during Little Mans nap time, I was endlessly searching Craigslist for a desk for our bedroom. I came across a super cute car bed, and thought to myself "do they make train beds?". Little Man loves his trains, and we plan on doing his room in them. A quick Google search and I found this one.

(manufactures image)

I went to the website for it, and found out they no longer make this bed. They replaced it with Thomas the Train. I do not want to get him a Thomas the Train bed, I don't really want any characters in his room. Kids get too obsessed with one certain character in my opinion, so I am not pushing one on him. When he finds a character he likes, we will embrace it.

So I decided to go back to Craigslist. I typed in "train bed" and came up with three posts. Two were that bed!! I was SO excited to learn that they still had it, and we were already planning on going to the town that the seller lived in the next day.

When we got the bed home, Little Man was not too sure what to think. We got it cleaned, and put together, and put the crib mattress in it, and he grabbed a pillow off the couch and laid down. It was already almost his bedtime, so I told Stephen to get the crib mattress back into the crib so he could go to bed. I was not ready to move him into his "big boy bed" yet.

Little Man was heartbroken! He laid down in the frame of the bed, and said "I need chalk" (which is his word for chocolate milk, which he gets at bedtime). Well, ok, lets get the bed upstairs in the nursery and see how he does. I was fully expecting him to jump and play in the bed and be up all night.

We got him his chocolate milk, put him in jammies and laid him down. I told him if he gets out of bed, he will go back into the crib. We turned on his radio, turned off the light, and kissed him goodnight. To my shock and surprise, he only woke up once that night, and stayed in his bed all night.

His nap yesterday went just as well, and last night he fought bedtime a little harder than he ever has, but he stayed in his bed while fighting it. I have told him if he gets out of his train bed, he goes to sleep in his crib. I can tell he really does not want to sleep in the crib, so he stays in his bed!

I am working on teaching him to stay in bed when he wakes up in the morning, which is actually going well. I told him that he needs to stay in bed until Mommy or Daddy comes to get him, and he listens quite well. Yesterday he was up playing, but that was the first time waking up with his new found freedom. This morning, he called for me, and was still in bed when I got to him.

I still can not believe that my Little Man is big enough to be in a toddler bed! It seems like just last week I was 36 weeks pregnant with him, and getting the nursery ready for him! Now I am trying to get the nursery ready for Little Miracle, while trying to get Little Man out of the nursery and into his room. (That will take some more time, the walls are still pink, and it's our catch all room with the moving)

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SouthernMama said...

How sweet! Glad that it went so well!