Monday, April 12, 2010

I Am NOT Ready To Raise BOYS!

Little Man earned his "daredevil" status tonight.

It was past his bedtime and Daddy was upstairs getting him ready for bed. I was downstairs nursing Little Miracle. Daddy came downstairs real quick to make Little Man his bedtime chocolate milk. That's when Little Man thought it would be a good idea to ride this...


down these...


I heard him as soon as he took off down the stairs and was at the bottom shortly after he got there. He was VERY shaken up. I scooped him up and took him to the couch. After he calmed down I looked him over. I made sure nothing was broken or bleeding but called my paramedic sister after I saw this...


She asked about how he was doing (at this point, he was already doing a puzzle and trying to go back upstairs) and told me what to look for that would warrant a hospital trip. Then she said that I will probably have grey hair before she does (she has 3 girls) because I have boys and they do stuff like this all the time. I am NOT ready for this!

Oh- I think it was the toy that hit my wall.

(sorry for crappy cell phone pictures)



SouthernMama said...

Wow! That's scary! Glad he's alright! You're a great mom and have everything you need to raise your beautiful boys. :-)

TeamOSM said...

Scary!! Makes me glad we don't have stairs. Oh, the joys of boys! Pick up Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson. the introduction is full of awesome stories like this.