Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursdays- Trash Man

I have decided to do a "thank you" weekly. We may or may not do it on Thursdays, but I will blog about it on Thursdays. We started with the mailman . Today was trash day, so we figured we would move onto the trash man.

So here you have it. The first Thankful Thursday.


We colored a card for the trash man.

While wearing our dinosaur jammies and our rain boots.

Daddy even helped today. See his train at the top? (Hey, hes no artist, but he had fun too!)

We then secured it on the trashcan with a small piece of tape.

Little Man was once again asleep when the trash man came. I watched as he grabbed the can. He was a little confused by the card, but he took it and read it. He then put it in the front of the truck and continued about his job.

Who should we say thank you to next week?

Who are you thankful for? Are you teaching your kids to say thanks?



Kathryn said...

That is the sweetest thing to do...I just may have to copy you on that one.

TeamOSM said...

Love the jammies and rain boots! And you are doing such a wonderful thing. Keep it up! Next week? Thank your Pastor for being a good shepherd!