Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots Of Big Decisions

I have been thinking about a lot of things recently. My kids school options, what I want to do with my life after the kids are grown and gone, our health and the way we eat. Lots of decisions to make. I have made several of these decisions and I feel really good about these decisions.

First off, my kids school. When we bought a house we picked one in one of the best school districts for the state. However, after doing research and seeing what they teach in public school, I had second thoughts. Then the state announced a massive layoff. The class sizes are almost 22 students per kindergarten class (before the budget cuts). Then I took a look at the school menu. Pretty much all processed crap!

So after considering private school verses home school, we have decided to home school. I have put MANY hours of thought into this and feel it is the best for my kids. I found a program that has classes once a week that you can take your child to to learn from actual teachers (for subjects you don't feel you are too good at) and even found a sports team for home school kids in case my boys want to play on a team. I will home school as long as my kids want to. Once they decide they want to go to non-home school then we will discuss our options with them and decide from there.

My second big decision was what to do with my life after having raised and schooled my kids. I want to do something that I know I will love. I have a half-finished nursing degree just sitting there. After Little Man was born I went back to nursing school to become a labor and delivery nurse and a certified lactation consultant. Then we moved and got pregnant with Little Miracle. I thought about becoming a doula, a birth educator or a midwife. I have decided on the latter. I will finish up my nursing degree over the next few years, them apply for midwifery school. There is one that is online with distance learning that is one of the top schools and that is the one I will apply for. I am in no rush. This will take me several years to finish but the job is something I will not start until after my kids are grown and gone, or if they decide to end home schooling.

My last decision did not take nearly as much thought. We are overhauling our diet. Starting small, but eventually we will be eating only 100 % grass fed beef (MUCH better for you, but I will let you do your own research) from local farms. We are also getting eggs, chicken, pork and fruits and veggies from local farms. We will be cutting out most processed foods. I cant even keep fake flowers alive, but I am going to try to plant a small garden and grow some things myself (with my moms help). This too will take some time to get where we want to be. I will be guest blogging about this journey on Modern Alternative Mama's blog starting in mid May.

Phew, lots of decisions! And still more to make! Do we finish out the almost finished basement for a school room? What curriculum will we be using? Am I going to be able to stop eating out so much and cook real, healthy food for my family? Where do I want to deliver at when I become a midwife? A birthing center? A hospital? A home birth service? Will I go crazy in the end?

I guess you will have to stay tuned to find all that out!

(If anyone has suggestions on good home schooling resources, I am open to them! We will be doing a Christian based study, so please keep that in mind if suggesting resources)



Anonymous said...

A Beka is a good one!

Christie said...

Wonderful decisions to make! We want to make the same decisions, but it is harder for us right now since we live apart. I hope to one day make a good switch with locally grown foods.

I am so appalled at school lunches. Kevin was just telling me last night how Matthew's school offers sweet potatoes, but they taste like there is sugar added to them. I'm also shocked that elementary school students have so many choices for lunch. I remember when I went to school we had one choice every day. If you didn't like it, you took your lunch. It is crazy how much has changed. They wonder why everyone is unhealthy, but no one does anything about it.

I'm really excited to follow your journey with all of this!

Heather said...

Hi Lisa, I am new to blogging. I dont have any followers yet! lol But wanted to comment on your decisions. I also am working on the whole diet thing to get my kids eating better. But for homeschooling I Love Abeka. It is great!!! A problem I have had is keeping my smaller ones entertained. We have tot school! My daughter Loves it. You can go to to find out more just click on the tot school link. Also since Madison is turning 4 in June we are going to do a letter of the week curriculum. I have found a GREAT cheap one at But am going to continue the tiny tot school with Jacob when he gets a littler older. Anyways just wanted to share. I know when I got started years ago I wanted all the info I could get! Also your boys are adorable! :)