Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mothers Day Only A Mother Could Love

I had a Mothers Day only a mother could love.

Stephen had drill this weekend, so my nice, relaxing Mothers Day started with getting the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door for church with no help. Church service was AMAZING! Pastor Ross sure knows how to give a good Mothers Day sermon (his first in 12 years, I think he said?). I worked the nursery in the second service then headed home.

When I got home, Stephen was home, so we ate lunch and put the kids down for a nap. We had a little scare when we were laying in the dark watching TV. I saw someone looking in our front window! I yelled at Stephen, and he went to the door ready to pull a gun on who ever it was. Turns out it was his mom dropping off a lawn mower. Gotta love in-laws that scare ya when they drop by without calling.

When the kids got up, we decided to go get coffee at Starbucks since they are having half price Frappuccinos. Then it was off to my favorite spot for dinner, sushi!!

So far, sounds like a good day, no?

Yeah... keep reading...

We sit down for dinner and I ordered Little Man a lemonade. They brought it in a regular cup with no lid. As I was reaching to put the pepper back (that Little Man was playing with) I knocked it over. Lemonade went all over the table and the floor. It was cleaned up quickly and we ordered dinner. Little Miracle started to get fussy, so Stephen picked him up. Stephen felt wet on his arm, so moved Little Miracle to see what it was...

Ya know those breast fed infant poops? That go EVERYWHERE? Yeah... nuff said.

So Little Miracle had to go to the car for an outfit change. When Stephen got back inside to dinner, he moved the car seat that Little Miracle was sitting in, and there was poop all over the booth! He had somehow managed to poop out of his diaper, out of his outfit, all down his car seat, and out of the crotch strap spot, dripping down onto the booth. Yeah. Fun.

Car seat had to go to the bathroom for a bath.

We finished our dinner quickly because Little Man was getting restless. He got up and tried to run around. I told him that we do not run around in restaurants but he decided not to listen. He took off and Stephen went after him. He realized he was cornered and turned to run back to me. That's when he slipped on something (maybe some of Mamas lemonade??) and hit his head HARD on the dividers for the tables.

He stopped running and started screaming. Yup. I had that kid now. The one screaming in the restaurant. I scoped him up and took him outside so Stephen could pay the bill and we would not disturb the whole restaurant. When I got him outside, I saw this.



Oh fun. Off to urgent care we went. I am not one to freak out over bumps and bruises (Little Man has 2 scars from bumps that we did not take him to the hospital for) but when he was very quiet, kinda staring off into space, we got worried.

Typical kid, he was running around 10 minutes after we got him to urgent care. The doctor checked him over and said he was fine. Just wake him up a few times tonight. Oh fun!

We left urgent care and headed for ice cream. Mama needed something after that! I am glad to be home after that dinner!


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