Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Yes, I AM Still Pregnant.

I never made it past 39 weeks with Little Man. I see now how blessed I was to have him "early".

I will be 40 weeks tomorrow, and I am officially ignoring my phone. I have had people calling constantly. I know they mean well. They start the conversation with "how are you feeling?" and then proceed to say "your still pregnant?" or "when are you gonna have that baby?". It is very annoying. I don't know when he is coming, if I knew that then I would play the lottery too. I want him here more than you do!

He is not really late until 42 weeks, so I know I still have a while until my midwife would take medical interventions. I pray every day he comes soon. At my last appointment, my midwife said I was 2-3 cms, 85% effaced, and he is at -1 station, so he should be here SOON. But only he knows the day he is coming.

So, trust me, you will know when he comes! My blog may be the last place to know, since I am not very good at getting over here and posting. But if you follow me on Facebook or anywhere else, you will know!

Here is one last belly picture... I think this was 39.3 weeks.



Amy C said...

Soon! My bet was today or the 12th so we shall see! lol. I went past 40w with D and I know I was miserable. Just try to relax. The day you think the least about it is the day it will happen!

Kelli England said...

Hi there. I found your blog and I feel your pain!!..I am 37 weeks now and I am so tired of people asking me the SAME questions!!!...I cant imagine another 3 weeks of this!...How am I feeling?, well, fat for one, my crotch hurts, my boobs hurt, it feels as if my vagina will fall out!..Should that be how I answer??...LOL...Am I still pregnant??, ummm, let me look....Good luck to you and God Bless!!!