Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Mr. Fussy Pants

Dear Mr. Fussy Pants,

Please stop fussing so much. You slept so well in the hospital, but the day we brought you home, you started screaming. Its been 3 weeks now and you are still screaming.

Mamma has cut out milk and caffeine in hopes that it was something she was eating that was making you scream. It has not helped as you continue to scream. Mamma and Daddy are at their wits end trying to figure out what is wrong and why you fuss so much. You usually have one long period of fussiness, but you are generally fussy all day. It would be better if you would not start said "long fussing period" at 8 pm. If you start, at say noon, then you would be calmed down by ... say 4 pm, and we could all sleep. But since you start about 8 pm, you are still fussing at midnight.

Daddy is going out of town next week, and we need you to sleep better so Mamma does not go insane. Daddy will be gone for two weeks, and if Mamma gets no sleep in thoes two weeks, she will be a very cranky lady. Little Man does not like a cranky Mamma, and you don't either. Thankfully your brother sleeps thru your screaming, or he would be a cranky mess too.

Thanks Little Miracle for listening. Now can we go back to bed?

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Lindsay said...

i could have written this post about noah! he was so quiet and peaceful at the hospital. then we brought him home. SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM!!!!!