Sunday, December 13, 2009

Me?!? Wonder Woman?! ... Nah.

Every time someone hears about the birth of Little Miracle, they are in shock.

“You had him at home?”

"In your bathtub?"

“Who delivered him?”

“You had no medical people there??”

“How did you do it??”

Then comes the “WOW. You are Wonder Woman!”


I don’t consider myself Wonder Woman! I cry with migraines, complain with hangnails, and grit my teeth with cramps. The same woman who birthed her baby in the tub at home with no medical people there is the same one who cringes when her baby latches to nurse, and the same woman who cries when her stitches hurt. Would Wonder Woman do that?

I think anyone 9 months pregnant, with a baby crowning, would find themselves doing the same thing. He was coming! He knew what he was doing, all I had to do was let him come. If I could have held him in, and made it to the hospital to birth him, I would have! It makes me think about woman long before my time that always had them at home, with no help other than other women, other mothers. They did not have the choice to have drugs, hospitals, doctors, or even paramedics on the way.

I did what I had to do. And that really was not much. I only pushed 4 times. He did all the work. All I did was catch him. It still amazes me that between him and my body they knew what to do.

I took some classes during pregnancy that focused on natural labor and delivery, since I was planning on doing it naturally anyway. I think these classes helped me realize your body is amazing, and can do it!

Little Miracle is a great baby. He is a champion nurser, and an awesome sleeper. I am sure those two go hand in hand. He was born perfectly healthy. I did have group B strep in my urine in early pregnancy, and at 36 weeks, so we had to stay at the hospital for 48 hours so they could keep a close eye on him. Obviously, I did not have time to get antibiotics before delivery! All of his blood work came back fine, so we were released right at 48 hours.

Would I do it again at home?

No. Not planned anyway.

Would I do it again naturally?


That is a feeling I would love to have again! I am still on top of the world! I am still walking around with my head held high, a huge smile on my face. It is very empowering to let your body do its job getting the baby out! Your body grew the baby with very little help from you, so it knows what it is doing. Labor and delivery is not a medical thing. It’s a natural thing.

So Wonder Woman? Not me!


Meghan Cooper said...

I told you it's the most amazing feeling ever! Screw wonder woman I felt like Mother Nature!!!!

Hydrant girl said...

That is amazing!!! Congrats on your miracle. Or plan of nature?? All the best to you.