Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things I love

I love the way Little Man says "nnoo" when he is trying to do a puzzle and puts the piece in the wrong spot. He puts the pieces in the wrong place some times just to get me to say "no" in a funny voice.

I love the way Little Man says "thank you" after I give him ANYTHING. His "thank you" sounds like "da do" and its so freaking cute.

I love the way my house looks mid afternoon. Little Man has scattered his toys all over the living room and his play room. Yes, its a mess, but it means my oldest has had a fun morning playing with all his toys.

I love how I have had to stop typing this four times now to give Little Man a "high five" for completing his puzzle.

I love the way Little Miracle nuzzles up on my chest and sleeps.

I love the way Little Miracle bobs around my neck, chest, arms, etc.. when he wants to nurse.

I love the way Little Miracle looks up at me and studies my face while nursing.

I love the way the fireplace looks when it is on. And how Little Man comes downstairs every morning and points to it and says "light" and blows to turn it on. (He "blows" it off and on... ya know... turn off the gas as he blows and he "blew out the fire")

I love my girlfriends. They are the best ones a girl could have. Some of them blog too. Check out their blogs JaMonkey and RenderMeMamma

I love that my husband has an awesome job that allows me to stay home and enjoy my kids.

I could go on, but Little Miracle is back to fussing. I love the way I can nurse him to calm him down!

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