Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I used to think Halloween was my favorite holiday. I think Christmas is gaining in on it.

We went out last night to our church's Christmas Eve celebration. They do it in the town square! There was hot coco, Santa, a band and even snow! Yes... SNOW in Georgia... Ok, so it was soap bubble type snow, but hey, it looked real!

After we got home, we put Little Man in bed, wrapped presents and set them under the tree. We tried to stay awake to see Santa come, but just could not.

This morning, Little Man woke up at his usual time. We got him up, and left Little Miracle to sleep. As soon as Little Man saw all the presents under the tree, his eyes sparkled. He was SO excited!

He tore thru all his presents and spent the morning playing with his new toys.

My dad came over in the morning also to see Little Miracle and the new house.

We spent the afternoon laying around being lazy. I got a short nap, which was nice!

Little Miracle is doing good. He is a very fussy baby, but I think we are figuring him out. I think he is sensitive to either milk or caffeine, so for now, I have cut both out of my diet. Makes it hard for a chocolate lover like me!

It is very magical to have a newborn at this time of year. To love and snuggle with a newborn at Christmas is my favorite now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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