Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Mans Dictionary

Little Man is becoming more and more vocal. He is finding his words and it is so darn cute to me to see what he is going to say next! Some words he pulls out I did not even know he knew. Here is his "dictionary". Just a few of the words he is using now.

battery : the fix to anything broken.
pronounced : batt-ree.
ie: while grocery shopping at Walmart yesterday, Little Man saw an overhead light was out. Pointing to the light, he said "light... uhoh... battery"

burger : any sandwich.
pronounced : bour-burr
ie: I was eating a turkey sandwich at home and Little Man points to it and said "I need burger"

slide : the fun thing at the park
pronounced : lie-d
ie: We hung out with one of Little Mans best friends yesterday. Pulling up to their house, he saw the playground and excitedly shouted "SLIDE"

train : anything that runs on a track
pronounced : rain
ie: While at lunch yesterday, Little Man saw on the road an 18 wheeler tractor trailer. From where we were sitting, it did look like a train car. He points to it and said "train"

baby brother : the smaller child in this house
pronounced : be-bee br-udder
Every morning Little Man comes out of his room, runs to Little Miracles room and says "Where is baby?" Then he goes to my bed, and says "Baby Brother!" when he sees him sleeping in my bed.

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