Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I have noticed on my girl friends blogs this "Not Me Monday". Things you would NEVER do. Ya know, you would never feed your kid sugar only to send them to school? Or you would never watch your child scale the kitchen cabinets to get a cookie? Yeah, so... ok, things you do and admit to! So, I have decided to take part in the "Not Me Monday" blog post!


I would never leave my child in his room while he is asking for me at his door just to get a blog post up.

I would never grocery shop late at night with both kids. Then come home, get all the groceries out of the car, put away the cold stuff and leave everything else on the kitchen table for another day.

I would never leave clothes in the dryer long enough to get wrinkled, and since I hate to iron, toss them from the dryer back into the washer.

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