Monday, January 18, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

Out of the mouth of babes...

When Little Man was learning to say "please" when he wants something, and "thank you" after he gets it, we were giving him M&Ms. Little Man wanted one, so he went to Daddy and said "please". Daddy gave him an M&M and said "now what do we say when we get what we asked for?" and Little Man said proudly "I need more"

We have a talking smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector. I was cooking the other day and it went off. (It goes off pretty much any time I have the oven and cook top on at the same time) It screams loudly "FIRE FIRE" then beeped three times. Little Man was terrified when it first went off, but since then, he has been walking around the house saying "FIRE FIRE beep beep beep".

Little Man gets chocolate milk before his nap and bed. The other morning, he got out of bed and we went downstairs so he could have breakfast and regular milk, no chocolate in the morning. I poured milk into his cup, and he went to help me put the lid on his cup. He looked in the cup, noticed it was white milk and said "NO I need chalk" (his word for chocolate milk.)

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