Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sometimes You Just Can't Hide

We are on vacation!! Having a great time in (usually, but not right now) sunny Florida! We come to Florida every year.

Today we decided to do a little shopping. We went to the super Target across from our timeshare and then to one of the billion souvenir shops. Then we went down the street to a clothing store that we visit every year. On the way back, there was road construction that had traffic stopped for miles. I pulled off trying to find a back road back to our condo (but someone took the GPS out of my car). Little Miracle was hungry too, so I decided to just stop and feed him. I pulled into a gas station, and into a parking spot that was near a mechanic shop. Stephen got Little Miracle out of his car seat and handed him to me in the drivers seat, and I proceeded to nurse him. A few seconds later, a man knocked on the passenger door. My mom who was sitting there rolled down the window and the man asked if we could move the car because he needed to put a car that was being towed in that spot. I jumped out and let Stephen move the car (easier than putting Little Miracle back into the car seat still hungry!). Stephen moved the car near the gas pumps. I walked over and got back in the car, while still nursing. Another minute later, a different man knocked on the window. This time the driver window. I was wearing a spaghetti strap dress so was not very discreet, but I was in the car so I did not think anyone would be seeing me! The man that knocked noticed what I was doing right after he knocked and jumped back to the passenger door, kinda unsure what to do. I rolled down the window, and he asked me to move the car again, because we were blocking the gas pumps (we were blocking one... but there was 4 of them that were still open). I told him I would move the car in a minute, when the baby was done. He said OK and moved on. I don't think he expected to see a mom nursing in the car when he set out to make us move.

Little Miracle finished nursing and I handed him back to Stephen to go back to his car seat and moved the car. It was quite an adventure. I had pulled out of the traffic to feed Little Miracle very quickly and not be noticed while doing so, and ended up being noticed and asked to move the car twice in 10 minutes! We did finally get back in the traffic and an hour after we started heading home, we made it back, just before the rain came.


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