Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Farmer


Farmers work very hard! They are up before the sun to milk cows, gather eggs
and pick the harvest of grown fruit/veggies. We support our local farmer by buying eggs and milk from him. We will be joining the fruit/veggie group next year (we were too late to sign up this year) and we will be getting our meat from him soon. (For now it comes from Whole Foods, but it is still a local farmer that supplies it there). We decided to do Thankful Thursday today for the farmer.

We were VERY busy today (getting ready for vacation and such) so Little Man colored his card in the car on the way to bible study. Then he finished coloring it on the way to the farmer. We meet the farmer locally since his farm is about an hour away. They deliver to us!



Little Man proudly said "thank you!" as he handed the card to the farmer.

The farmer had a huge smile on his face as he read his card.

When Stephen got home tonight, Little Man ran up to him and said "I thank farmer!" I think Little Man is starting to understand this Thankful Thursday thing!


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Kaileigh Ann said...

Thats adorable! I think this idea is genius!!