Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Miracle

My Little Miracle is 9 months old!! Just over 9 months ago I was shocked and surprised to have an unassisted homebirth.

I tell people that if he had been my first child, he would have been my last. He is very difficult, needy, fussy. But I love him just the same.

He loves to be held, loves to nurse, still loves to be swaddled.

He gets his feelings hurt easily. Loud noises make him cry.

He loves it when Daddy sings to him.

He loves to play with his older brothers toys. (To which, I always hear Little Man saying “no, MINE!”)

He puts everything in his mouth. He hates squash and avocados.

He would prefer breast milk over solids.

He flirts with the best of ‘em. The ladies love him.

He is very serious, and likes to study people and things.

He rarely laughs, but when he does, it is infectious.

He is my Little Miracle.


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TeamOSM said...

You forgot to add that he's adorable as all get out!! =)