Thursday, September 23, 2010

Street Carnival

We were headed out tonight to go to Wal-Mart for a few items we needed. As we drove past a busy intersection, I heard Little Man from his car seat scream "MAMA... Stop the car!! I need to ride tennis wheel!!!"

I looked around and saw what he was talking about. A street carnival was set up in the abandoned parking lot. He saw a Ferris wheel.


Back-story: when we were in Florida in June, he saw one he wanted to ride. A nasty storm came thru so we didn’t get to ride it then. I told him that when he saw another one, to tell Mama to stop the car and we would go ride it. He has been reminding me a lot that he wanted to ride a "tennis" wheel.

We stopped the car and got out. I noticed I didn’t have shoes for the kiddos in the car, but figured it would be no biggie. Little Man was going to ride in the cart at the store, so I didn’t bring them. We went and bought our tickets, then got in line for the Ferris wheel. When it was our turn, we were told that to ride, Little Man had to have shoes on.

Well... Crap.

But wait! There was a thrift store in the same parking lot, so we quickly dashed in and bought some shoes for Little Man


and Little Miracle (just in case)


Once they had their shoes on, we went back to the Ferris wheel.

Little Man LOVED it!! He was looking around and pointing out the full moon, all the rides, and even the McDonalds.


Little Miracle enjoyed it too. He was looking at all the lights!


After we got off the Ferris wheel, we went to the giant slide. Mama got to ride this with Little Man. He took the middle, and I took the side. I held onto his hand because I knew we would go down at different rates, and we did! At the end, he was in my lane, but he was just laughing as loud as he could!


We then headed to the bumper cars. Daddy got to take Little Man on these. I don’t know who had more fun, Daddy or Little Man.


Mommy fail though. I was yelling at Little Man to put his hands in the air and right as he did, Daddy hit a car in front of him and Little Man smashed his nose into the bar! He was fine, but held his nose the rest of the ride!

The last ride we did was the Tilt-A-Whirl. Little Man and Mommy did this one. I was yelling "wheeeee" the whole time and at one point, I heard Little Man yelling it too.

It was a great ending to a stressful day. Little Man finally got to ride his "tennis wheel"

Tune in tomorrow for Thankful Thursday. We made the card today but could not thank this person untill tomorrow.


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