Thursday, September 9, 2010

Overflowing With Joy

My heart is overflowing tonight. Every few months or so I look at my Little Man and I think “This age is my FAVORITE!” I am doing it again.

He will be 3 a month from tomorrow. I don’t believe it. No, I don’t want to believe it.

Just last week he was that 7 lb tiny baby placed into my arms after a hell of a lot of work pushing him out. Now he is an independent, loving, funny, outgoing, shall I say, little man.

The things this kid says make my heart melt. He always says “I do it myself” with the emphasis on “myself”. He makes himself proud. He makes his mama even prouder. (Is that even a word?) He always says “peas” and “tank you” and even says “yes ma’am” and “no ma’am”, even to Daddy. Hey, he is learning.

About a month ago, I was awoken by Little Miracle. He sleeps in our bed. (I love it. Don’t knock it till you try it. And always practice SAFE co-sleeping) I was snuggling with him and nursing him back to sleep when I thought I heard noises coming from Little Mans room. Once Little Miracle was back asleep, I went to Little Mans room. I laid down at his door to peek under and see if he was playing or sleeping. As soon as I got my head on the floor, I hear from the other side of the door “Hi Mama!!” in a “hey, Mamas here and I get to play” tone of voice. Mind you, this was 3 am. I got off the floor, and opened his door. It took a few books, and a talking to him that we don’t get up until the sun gets up, to get him back in bed.

Last week I went to get him out of his bed to get ready to go to church. I had already gotten dressed and I chose to wear a blue dress I bought at Old Navy that has flowers on the bottom. I snuck into his room, and sat on the side of his bed. I rubbed his back, which woke him up. He sat up with a smile, and said “Mommy wearing flowers. Mommy a princess.”

He loves to ride his bike outside. Just tonight he learned how to actually pedal the thing. Been telling him to use the pedals for months now, but he didn’t want to. He does everything on his own time, just like he has from the day he was born.

He is almost 3, but he will always be my Little Man.


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TeamOSM said...

Awwwww!! He called you a princess. That made me cry. <3