Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Of Those Mamas.

I am one of those Mamas.

Ya know?

The ones that nurse their babies past 6 months. Past 12 months.

The ones that would struggle but be so determined (read, stubborn) to make nursing work.

The ones that rear-faces past 20 lbs and 12 months.

The ones that wear their baby. Or their toddler. Or both.

The ones that question the mainstream way most of the time.

The ones that share their bed with their babies.

The ones that can not stand to hear their babies cry.

The ones that thinks crying-it-out sleep training is cruel.

The ones that uses cloth diapers even when everyone thought they were crazy for doing so.

The ones that let their kid play in the dirt, get all muddy and play in the rain.

The ones that makes all their babies food from fresh veggies and fruits and does not start feeding them solids till past 6 months.

The ones that when the child falls down, tells the child to “get back up, brush it off, and go play!”

The ones that plan to home school, but have not even started to look into what they are going to do.

The ones that are in no rush to start schooling.

The ones that will go upstairs 15 times to re-tuck the toddler back into bed.

The ones that give their toddler chocolate milk before bed.

The ones that will do anything to be able to stay home with their babies.

The ones that let their toddler eat brownies for breakfast. Just not every day.

The ones that does not get dressed unless they are leaving the house. And even then, they don't getting all fancy.

The ones that love to tell their birth stories. Little Mans birth made me a mother, but Little Miracles defined me as a woman.

The ones that forgets to blog for a long time then has so much on their mind they can’t get it all out!

The ones that could, if given the time, sit on the couch all day long and not move.

The ones that can not go a day without putting their hair in a ponytail.

The ones that go back and read old blog posts and notice all the grammatical errors, but don’t bother to fix them.

What kind of Mama are you?



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Yes, many of your ways are mine. My daughter is near 25 and so to combat empty nest I take care of a one and a two-year old youngsters; wouldn't trade a minute of it.

TeamOSM said...

Hm. I shall have to formulate a post of my own to reply! =)

TeamOSM said...

Hm. I shall have to formulate a post of my own to reply! =)

SouthernMama said...

I love your variety. You sound like a great mom! I used to think that parenting fit into one box or another, but now I know that I'm just a mixture of parenting styles that work for our family. I do my best and pray every day that God will help me be the wife, mom, teacher, etc. He has called me to be.