Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jury Duty and Cat Pee.

This week I had jury duty. I have always wanted to do jury duty, it always seemed like it would be fun.

I showed up early Monday morning to start my fun day of jury duty. There are two misunderstandings in that sentence. First off, it was NOT fun. Second off, day? NO... week!

Monday I was picked for a panel for a felony murder trial. We sat in a room being questioned as a group for over 4 hours. We got asked what we know about gangs, guns, the accused and the lawyers. I was kinda nervous about being picked for that one, knowing it was a gang shooting. Finally about 4:30, they named the jury. I was not picked on that one, so I thought my jury duty was over. Nope... come back tomorrow at 9 am.

Tuesday I got picked for a panel again. This one was for a child molestation case. I was NOT happy about that. Having a child, I think I am partial. Anyone ever touch my child, and they will not be in court, I will be... for murder. First thing we had to do on that panel was fill out a questionnaire about sexual crimes. If we were ever a victim, ever knew anyone who was a victim, ever knew anyone who was accused of or arrested for a sexual crime. After we filled that out, we were questioned about our children, who we know in the police department, and our prior jury service. They picked that jury at 5:15, and I was again not picked. I have to go back on Thursday.

I did have a criminal defense lawyer sitting behind me in the second panel. He was explaining how it all works, and why I did not get picked. That was nice. We will see what I have to do tomorrow.

While I have been at jury duty, my husband has been a stay-at-home-dad. He has not been very good at this job! I came home on Monday to a very messy house, and very cranky child. Yesterday the house was a little better, but by no means clean! I don't understand why he cant do everything I do in a day! I can clean the house, do a load of laundry, dishes, and cook dinner all while playing with Little Man and keeping him happy and out of trouble. Well, I will give my husband some credit..he was busy with our cat yesterday.

We have had this cat for 5 years, and had no problems with her until the past few months. She started peeing on things. Only towels or clothes left on the bathroom floor. If nothing is on the bathroom floor, she uses her litter box. We took her to the vet a few months back, and she had a UTI. She was given an antibiotic and seemed to be better. We also made it a point to not leave towels on the bathroom floor. We are not messy people by any means, just leave towels on the floor occasionally. Well, when we came back from Savannah, we discovered the cat was peeing on the living room rug. That is a NO!

I figured the cat had another UTI. Nope.. They did a urine test, ultrasound, blood work... everything in their power to figure out why the cat is peeing on the floor. Cats usually only go outside of their litter box when they are sick. Not our cat. $280 bucks to tell us we have a very healthy cat!

They say it is behavior. They gave us several things to try. We got her a new litter box and moved it to a new location. They told us to try to get rid of the stray cats we have around our apartments, but since people feed them (NOT US!!) they are not going anywhere. Plus we are moving so the strays wont be a problem anymore. I really don't want to get rid of the cat, but if she continues this, she will be gone.

Top all that off with Little Man getting a cough and a runny nose with yellow mucus, and it has been a great week!

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