Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tornado Warnings and Puddle Jumping

We had a day of severe storms yesterday. When I say a day, I mean from 9 am till about 6 pm, we were under some sort of warning. Tornadoes, severe weather, flash flooding, you name it, the news people were telling us about it. The worst of the weather came about noon, right at Little Mans nap time.

If you know me, you know my fear of this kind of weather. Needless to say, Little Man did not sleep upstairs in his crib. He skipped his nap, well, pushed his nap till about 3 pm.

In the mean time, we colored, watched it rain, wrestled with Daddy, and looked for tornadoes.


When the rain came, it POURED for hours!!

My little frog was sitting outside, waiting to tell me how much rain we got.

I took these pictures from our bedroom, this is our normally grassy back yard.


Well, after the storms passed, I decided it was time to take Little Man puddle jumping for the first time. This was something I remember doing with my mom, so I want Little Man to enjoy it too. We put on his sandals, so he could feel the water, and off we went.

We looked around for a good looking puddle. We found this one, but Little Man did not realize I actually wanted him to go into it!


After a little convincing, and making Daddy show him what to do, he dove in!



He had a BLAST!! We jumped, splashed and giggled for over an hour in those puddles. By then, it was time to head home for a much needed bath and off to bed for all of us.

Oh-yeah! My frog that weathered the storm all day, reported almost 4 inches of rain to me.



Gabriele said...

Looks like he had a blast! He should totally start sporting some rain boots...just be careful, when they get them, they want to wear them ALL the time :P
I love the rain frog...Cheeky saw something like that before and wanted me to get one and now I regret not getting it! He would love it!!

SouthernMama said...

How cute! My boys love puddle jumping! I'll be praying that you get good news at the doctor tomorrow.

2 cruisers said...

A fun tradition passed on ~ just wish I'd been there to enjoy the fun with him too. I was praying for you during those storms, mom's just know those sorts of things :) Praise God no tornadoes touched down!